The Law of Reflection (There is only the Self)

There is a pattern to our lives.  A consistent framework by which we may more deeply understand the circumstance and conditions that make up our Heroic Journey.  It is a thing that is simultaneously entirely individual and unique to You and part of a consistent framework of physics that underlay all Stories.

The Law of Reflection is different from the Law of Attraction.  While one (the Law of Attraction) relates to the active process of changing one’s vibrational state through various practices to achieve an effect, the other (The Law of Reflection) is a clarified divination into the circumstances of one’s current manifestation and what that says about where they are at.

In this sense, the Law of Reflection is more of a witnessing act, one of divination, as compared to manipulation.

Yet what are we witnessing? What is the fundamental that underlie all these systems and forms of divination? It is the concept of the SELF.  As spiritual beings having a human experience, understanding the Self is core to awakening to our true purpose and the Gift that lay within us waiting to emerge.

Everything is Divination

Everything reflects the whole.

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There are many systems of divination. Ways of discerning the circumstances of our health, our wholeness, and our life in general.  While they vary from culture to culture, the basic principle is the same – we are discovering the patterns that are healthy or unhealthy in our lives.

For example, Iridology uses the eyes to determine the state of the organs.  Reflexology uses the feet.  Systems which relate circumstance to the chakras use that system.  Ayurveda, the doshas.  Chinese medicine, the five elements.

Like all aspects of the mortal condition, these are impermanent, culturally dependent forms.  Yet underlying them the action is always the same – we are divining the pattern the prime imprint that is our current Self, our current circumstance.  We are examining our own reflection in a variety of mirrors.

In this context, what we are looking at are any number of maps … ways of divination.  Whether we associate that divination with the tongue, with the feet, the eyes, the chakras, or whatever … ultimately we are talking about a singular thing .. the prime pattern of our Life, our prism of Self, which in turn relates to our Life Purpose, or dharma, and the halo of our circumstance.

Astrologies, Human Designs, Tarot – Everything is Divination of the Self

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There is no separation between what is ‘within’ and what is ‘without’

Your life-circumstance is a mirror of your inner landscape.

Now let us expand on this concept.  When we understand that our human Selves are a matrix of consciousness and that there is no separation between us and our environment, we come to see that the circumstances of our lives are equally as valid in the diagnosis of the conditions of our qualities of current Self.