The Mirrored Worlds (As Above, So Below)

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Relating to the underplanes of our timeline, the real landscape across which we move, is crucial to understanding the landscape of the Path.

In the context of the Mythica, there are two basic positions.  Ways in which we relate to our circumstance.  It is a thing that relates directly to our sense of form.  Of how and why the circumstances of our lives are what they are.  And it is a thing ITM - The Subtle Roadsthat relates directly to perception.  To our ability to accurately discern the energies within our lives, to navigate along our sacred Path.

We live in the mirror of our own prism of Self.  A collection of various Qualities of consciousness.  Elements, which we experience from the inside as our progression from one state of being, one realm of being, to another.  Functionally, our perception and relationship with these elements, which then manifest in one’s halo of manifestation, makes up our experience.

Such is the real landscape of our heroic journey.  Understand – You are on a sacred Path.  Unique to You.  A series of mystical and shamanic unfoldments of consciousness, in which You are gradually coming to recognize the Divine, beautiful being that you truly are and deliver the uniqueness of your Gift to the Worlds.  Yet you are not alone.

Everyone is on their own sacred Path.  Each of us, living our own unrepeatable adventure of unfoldment.  We are many Paths, many roads, across a vast landscape of experience.

Yet what is that landscape? After all, one’s Path takes them through many different terrains.  Different moments in their Story.  Different circumstances, by which their tale unfolded.  As a tool for the cartography of the Great Story, and a demonstration of what it means to Awaken, Into the Mythica charts this territory.  The Landscape upon which our sacred Paths unfold.  Such is the understory, the sacred mirror of one’s movement through the realms of their own Mythica.



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