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I love fables. Fables are different than fantasy, if only by a margin. Yet in that distinction is everything. Fables occur for me as meaty things, lines of gold and gossamer, telling tales that echo fo something deeper and more meaningful, a true window into that whcih lay in the oft-undiscovered country of our mortal experience and the much vaster World in which we live. Fantasy, in comparison, seems a dilution of that, or perhaps an exaggeration, flights of fancy and fantastical Worlds that exist upon their own sediment, given gravity by the magick of a bold penstroke. Both, however, speak of a World of magick. Of Grace and Wonder, of things deeper than what they appear on the surface of our mind’s eye.

Yet the Mythica is no fantasy. She is the actual World of magick and mythology, recognized in the many layers of our human consciousness. A reframing of the very ideals of perception itself to accomodate a more lustrous, more mystical reality that is more real than it’s imagining. She is the tale of humanities Ascension, of the avatars, Grail-Kings and Grail-Queens, reincarnate guardians of that which is the mos Holy, the most exalted and truly magickal about the human condition and our shared journey to Heaven on Earth. In her many articles and pages, the comic books and the Academies, the Mythica aims to showcase not the magickal World of the imagination, but the mythical World of the Revelation.

She is, in a very real way, a spell. A real spell, woven from the finest filaments of Story, insistent upon the Truth of the human condition in it’s transformation. And, as all artifices of creation move through the vessel of the creator, demanded that I rise to the occasion, embodying the virtues of honesty and nobility as best I could, forgiving myself for the limitations of my awareness and that of others, such that I could be purified, capable of receiving the Ideas that would lead to the creation of such a vast and expansive thing.

To tell a True Story, one must be, simply, True. They. must embody the virtue of honesty, in order to channel honesty. They must walk the planes of doubt and question, fighting the battles all must fight to recover the Knowing that lay beyond faith, to earn the privilege of *being* the thing they aspire to be. They must delve unfailingly into the mires of their own unknowing, facing both the Mystery and the challenges that lead to the Revelation. And while the Quest is differnet for each of us, the physics of that quest remain the same, for whatever it is we wish to become, we must learn to embody that thing for it to be borne to manifest reality.

Such as she is, the Mythica is more fable than fantasy, for she speaks of the actual reality, the tales of the fae and the fantastic made manifest through photos and prose, given context in the framework of our heroic journey. She showcases the very real magickal landscape through which we walk, providing a firmament of vibrational physics to assist in the digestion of such a liminal reveal. She was designed, of course, for more than my own Story. To be a framework for the telling of our tales of real magick, of real wonder, to reveal the Physics of the Quest and showcase the nature of the realms of our manifestation, aiding the remedy the fundamental issue of the human condition, the amnesia of who and what we really are, living aspects of a benevolent Divinity, granted the opportunity to experience that most precious of things – the Story of our Life.

It is my hope that as one reads her tales, as one finds the balance between the techniques of self-empowerment and that of their personal imagination, that they are inspired. That the weave of Truth, and the manner in wihch that Truth is presented, do what she was designed to do, cast a flame of Divine providence, an illumination that casts away the shadows and doubts of our forgetfulness, such that we may all awaken, do the work that I, as her channel and creator, had to do, that we ALL must do, to step into the Heaven on Earth, the real magick and deeper octave of Self that is our sacred birthright.

In the end, our myths are what we make of ourselves. A mythical Life is possible, if we choose to live the adventure that waits at our door. If we choose to face the challenges of our own unknowing, and heed the call to adventure that is our heroic journey. The Mythica awaits each and every one of us, yet we cannot Know what lay in store for us until we take the step from fantasy to fiction, and make the brave journey back to our True Selves.

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Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica and Author of The Journey Home. visit his Author's site in the Mythica multiverse.

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