The Mythical World – Entering the Mythica

(photo shot during ‘Faerie Roads, 2009 – “The Journey Home”)

The Mythical World is always around us.  Waiting.  Immortal and transcendent; made of the elements of the greater World.  In our journeys across our Divine Adventure, we have the opportunity to step through; passing across the veils of own own Mystery; deeper into the memory of who we really are.  Such is the sacred transmission across the Doors of the Self; what some have called the ‘Doors of Perception’; for in the end, it is not the Worlds of Myth that have forgotten, but our Selves.

When we choose to take a step into the larger Universe, we must leave our old Selves behind; such is the price of admission; the letting go of our ignorance so that we can embrace the Prize of a life lived closer to our mystical and mythical Truth.

There are many times when I have been asked, Where is the Mythica?; how does one get to this place of magick and wonder? At it’s core, such is the same question as, Where is Narnia? Where is Neverland? Where is Faerie? Where, we may ask, is Hogwarts?

The Truth is this, as far as I have come to Know.  The Mythica; the World of Myth and Magick; is both a Place and a State-of-Being.  WHO we are, the aspect of our Self, the state of our consciousness in the moment is one part of the equation.  WHERE we are is the other.  They are not dependent on each other, yet enhance.  It is entirely possible to exist in the World of yogic awareness, of deep perception and resonance with the mythical World simply sitting in mediation.  It is * also * helpful to be in an environment whose energetic signatures facilitate the experience.

It is, for example, easier to shift one’s consciousness into the mythical realms in places of Nature; for such is the palette from which our human Selves are made.  Away from the bustle and confusion of cities and townes; in the deep understanding of the elements do we come to clarity.  When we walk barefoot the ancient unpaved roads, still vibrant and alive with the Green, we are replenished.  When we stand on top of mountains, breathing in the clean air; such clarity affects us; changes our state of being.  We move deeper into the Mythica.

Similarly, when we choose to use our Time to deepen; to meditate and cultivate, we shift our awareness.  We find an inner sanctum, a personal landscape to explore the depths of our potential.  In either case, we shift; gaining access to deeper insights and understandings; finding purchase on the Talents and Powers that are our birthright.

The nature of ritual is connected to this.  It is the intentional creation of a vibrational space to facilitate a shift in consciousness; for only when our consciousness opens it’s doors of perception may we perceive, grasp, and work with the subtle energies that underlie our experience.  Ultimately, we are finding ways to deepen.   To open to that which lies within us.  To remember and reconnect with the Land; whether it is the geography within or without; it is our own consciousness that marks the map.

If such inspires You; consider for a moment the reality that we can always deepen our awareness.  That the Worlds are much larger than we are; that by choosing to cultivate our relationship with the Land, by choosing to practice meditation and magick; we are opening to the deeper version of our Selves.

Is there a place in your life that feels particularly magickal to You? A place in the physical landscape where You feel something deeper? If so, this is an entry point for You.  A place where the song beneath the skin may be heard.  A place of natural ritual.  Try going to this place, and opening up the space within yourself.  Practice breathing.  Set the intention to connect with the deva-kami.  The results may surprise You.

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