The Nature of Magick

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When one speaks of ‘magick’, a host of personal definitions rises to the surface.  Everything from Harry Potter movies to demonic possession to the process of realizing one’s Oneness with God can emerge.  Like so many words; it can be loaded; made heavy with the imprints of culture and shallow understanding.

From the perspective of our journey into the Mythical Life; the word ‘magick’ is synonymous with ‘yoga’.  It is the relationship with consciousness itself, the quality of action that changes the timbres of one’s inner and outer experience in accordance with applied technique.  Seen from this perspective, techniques of energetic cultivation, processes of self-development and their results; are the same; each a specific form and approach.  They are referred to by many names; ‘gi gong’, ‘manifestation’, ‘prayer’, and the like, yet ultimately all serve the same function; to transform oneself from one state of being to another.

In this context, all of these modalities, essentially interchangeable names for personal growth; are actions of Change.  Thus ‘magick’; and all associated forms, could be referred to as the transformational arts.

From the surface, it could be said that ‘magick’, which emphasizes a connection to something Larger than the Self; has distinction in it’s reverence for the Natural world.  It is an alignment with the cycles and forces of Nature as a means of creating change.  Yet even this is shallow, for ALL arts are, by their nature; relationships of the Self with the larger Universe in which it exists.  In Qi Gong, this is referenced as connection to Universal Qi; in the ayurvedic arts of yoga; this is the relationship with the doshas, the natural elements that make up our Selves.  In the self-development arena of personal transmutation, this is often referred to as ‘working with a Higher Power’ to clear our ‘limiting beliefs’.  Ultimately, the distinction between the forms is a shallow one, much like the distinction between the colour of one’s skin, their culture; or their preferences of romantic relationship.

This common thread, that of relating to that which is Larger than the Self; is crucial; it is the Key that unlocks the prison of our assumptions of Self.  We come to realize that the Universe is much, much vaster than we know; that our lives are influenced and defined by forces whose very nature transcends the limitations of our frameworks of conception.

In a very real sense, everything we do is magick.  An application of consciousness, of intention and result; that affects our Worlds.  In essence, they are all acts of consciousness in transition.  Ways in which we delve into the vast potential waiting in the deep places of our undiscovered Selves.  What we call it on the surface is less important than what truly is; the alchemical rise to who we really are.

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