The Perfect Circumstance

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lightning on waterThere are Moments that exist only in the perfect circumstance.  The confluence of Time, Space, and the Dimension of our Being.  Like a moment when lightning shows upon the water.

Such is the way the Mythica unfolds.  In moments.  In perfect synchronicities.  Moments in spacetime when the right alchemy of events was present to manifest a magickal Universe.  Where the cloud atlas of our synchrony puts us in just the right place at the right time.  Where the lens of our awareness can receive the blessing and vitality of the Present.

It is the yoga of Arriving, in which we arrive, together, in shared Moments.

When I shot this picture, I was on a boat with Adi Bengtson and a whole crew of Galactic avatars.  It was a confluence, of many individual Timelines, many Stories.

The process of shooting photos in the Mythica has been to show this.  By never setting up the photos, by travenig the sacred Path and witnessing the unfoldment, we create a map.  A map of shared synchronicities.  Who was Where, doing What, that led to that perfect Moment.  Such is a proof, of the yoga of Story, the divination of the moments in our lives which reveal the greater plan, the benevolence of God’s purposing, and how we are all connected.








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