The Power of the Word

In Akasha Yogaby Yeshua Lucis

I’m learning how the story of our life is a grand invocation, a melody of our own meaning embodied. Based on the thoughts you hold about who you are and what the world you live in is, you spell out a story about this, constantly. You speak your own reality into existence.

Often it isn’t seen that this story can become a repetition based on subconscious patterns held within, that is more about what things seem than what they actually are. We keep repeating thoughts that spell out the mundane rather than the magic, that disempower rather than help us see the glory of who we are.

Much of the mainstream media reinforces these storylines, which are impermanent and fleeting despite the substance they seem to hold. It is not the fullness of what we are beneath what things seem to be.

Still, it is visceral, what we tell ourselves we are. The more we reinforce a spell, the more it grows in our story. This is why we clear and align through practices that help us to transcend the story of limitation, that help us to pick up the pen and write a new story from a place that recognizes our inherent divinity and value. One where we divine the elements of our heroic journey through direct relationship. This is what we practice in Akasha Yoga, the Yoga of Story.

Transcending this and stepping deeper into the truth of who we are is an important aspect of the journey deeper into the Mythica, into the magical octave of our reality.

This is where you get clearing limiting beliefs and affirmations, I AM invocations, prayer and surrender, all based on transforming the patterns that define our story. Why do we do this? Through the Mythica, we see that we live in the reflection of our embodied self. That based on the contents of the energy that we embody, our reality reflects this upon our path.
As we release the contents of the story of the old paradigm and embrace a more liberated vantage on what it means to be human, our path reveals the steps to a brighter place of abundance and grace. We unveil the liquid letters of our soul, the living story of majesty that aches to be born through us.

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Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening. Explore his magical universe and go deeper into his Story on his site.

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