The Purpose of the Mythica

It was 2003 when I received the vision for the Mythica. A radiance from the Divine appearing in my mindseye within the valley of Kalalau on the island of Kauai. Here, I was given the task of documenting what would prove to be an ongoing journey to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth along what I came to understand as the rainbow bridge, the road between the many realities of the human plane.

Such would prove to be no easy task, as it required the visceral understanding of the nature of the many realities that exist, where I would use my Path to map my way across a cartography of synchronicity, eventually coming to see the nature of our collective journey to a new paradigm of connection and return to the sacred Land of our birthright.

Here, transforming my inner and thus outer World along the classic heroic journey, I would go on to create a publishing platform designed to show not just my Story, but the many tales of fellow adventurers making their way along the roots and branches of their synchronicity towards a brighter World.

Thus, Into the Mythica was born. A platform designed to showcase what it meant to “walk the rainbow road”, to live in ever-more magical and expansive circumstance, clearing our way towards the more heavenly version of our collective reality.

The Teaching Story

Into the Mythica is more than publishing our Stories. She is a media outlet for spiritual education, based on the idea that our outer and inner World are made of the same primal substance, aspects of the sacred Land of which we are made. Within her halls, we provide articles and courses which aim to help the Reader have a better understanding of their own sacred Path, presenting a new form of divination by which they may witness their journey more clearly, and come to see the physics of the quest, the laws which governed my own journey to a new reality.

Here, Authors in the Mythica act as sacred cartographers, making their way across the vibrational underlands that are the truer and more constant topography of our Quest, using their Stories as teaching tools to assist the Reader in learning the mystic arts. We show the real challenges of the Path, showing the trials and triumphs of personal transformation required to clear the patterns and limitations which have defined the old paradigm, presenting them in a mystical documentary which is beautiful, educational, and above all, true.

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