Academy – The Rainbow Road

As Divine Intelligence having a human experience, our sacred Path is always about being one thing in the process of becoming another across the canvas of your life. Structurally, this plays out as the patterns which shape the lens of our perception, defining our access to the infinitude that surrounds us.

When the vibrational patterns within our inner self change, our outer reaiity changes with it.  It is this transformation, this movement between the various colours and luminances of vibrational texture that make up the substance of our self, that is the rainbow bridge (also known as the rainbow road).  The bifrost between the loci (realities) of the World Tree.

In many mythologies there is the idea of the rainbow bridge.  A portal between realities that exists within our consciousness.  Classically, this is the idea that there is a passagway that one can take between the mundane reality of Earth to that of the Gods.

In the context of the Mythica, the many iterations and lore of mythology in the human plane are distorted, for they come from the erroneous idea that there is separation between the many aspects of the Self.  From this point of error comes the idea that the ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’, and realms of ‘Asgard’, ‘Midgard’, ‘Olympus’, and all the other ‘magickal worlds’ exist outside of the self and it’s resonant vibration.

From this perspective, the rainbow bridge is not a thing outside of the self, but the inner transformation.  That which brings one from the realm fo ‘Midgard’ (the unrealized, unawakened version of oneself) to ‘Asgard’, the more Awakened and Divinely embodied version of oneself.  This is the real movement between the realms.

When we walk between these vibrational conditions, we are moving across the rainbow bridge within our own self.  This has the effect of changing our reality on the most structural of levels.  This movement through the loci of different realities is our personal rainbow bridge through the many realms of the Akasha and the World Tree.  The road upon which we walk our Path and fulfill our sacred Quest.

In one manner or another, we are always moving between realities.
We are always walking the rainbow bridge, the shifting colours of our inner landscape manifest as our outer experience.  The textures of vibration which create our current self are always shifing in their endless process of becoming.  As we gain awareness and understanding of what this means in terms of our manifest reality, we gain facility in shifting our conditions for the better.

“All Paths walk the rainbow road
through every grove and fair abode
the road that travels through the Tree
the rainbow of the hue and me”

Central to the journey deeper into the Mythica is the understanding of the rainbow road, what in some interpretations is called the bifrost, or the rainbow bridge.

It is this road upon which we travel, moving from Shadow to the Brightlands across the vibrational embodiment of our inner and outer circumstance.  In which we change the frequency and luminance of our own prismatic array, thus changing the reflected reality in which we live.  Such is the causeway between the infinite realms of the Akasha.  Realities that exist in different configurations and luminance.  In the context of our heroic journey, it is the rainbow road that moves between these realities.  It is the pathway through the roots of the World Tree, the network of realities that exist within our human potential.

It is a thing deeply related to the physics of the quest.

Seen from the depths of form, we live in the holographic reflection of our own substance.  Within the actual, physical yet-oft-subtle manifestation of our own prism of Self, the unique splay of colours and textures, that make up our current Character in the Great Story.  This reflection that we live within is a realm.  A state of being that is also a physical circumstance.

It is also our current definition of Self.  Of who we imagine we are.

On a structural level of elements, we are made of particular hues, tones of vibration.  These hues create the halo of our circumstance, the manifestation that surrounds our current Self.  When we change those hues, when we move across the rainbow road of our own Self, we change our reality.

When we change the substance of our prism, the substance of our ‘outer’ reality changes in perfect reflection.  As adventurers, our intention is to gain discernment on that relationship, recognizing the nature of realms and how to walk the rainbow road between them.

To travel between realms is not easy.  It is a real yoga, demanding that we resolve the patterns within our current Self that are creating the halo of our circumstance.  Yet when we do this, when we change the luminance and hue of the colours that make up our prism of Self, we literally change realities.  We walk the rainbow road.  The bifrost, between the many realms of the World Tree, itself a reflection of the many colours of our hue-man rainbow.

When we truly understand this, we see that our ‘outer’ experience is but a reflection of our ‘inner’ vibrational state.  That as we travel through our lives, we are moving through a landscape of inner change.  A landscape which is *mirrored* in the World around us.

It is a thing directly tied into realms.  To live in a particular realm or state of being is to live in that reality.  When we travel across the realms of the Mythica, we are actively shifting the tones of our own substance in relation to experience.  Finding our way across the octaves of the Creation from Shadow to the Brightlands along the threadline of our heroic journey.

Yet it is one thing to speak of such things, and quite another to demonstrate them.  Such is the reasoning behind the Journey Home, to track out the realms, deepening my understanding of what the Rainbow Bridge actually was, what it connected to, and how such things played out in the human plane.

In pre-Ascendent mythology, beings have had a tendency to displace spiritual Truths, seeing them outside of their Self, yet this in incorrect.  In Truth, there is only the Self, and all such legends and fable are borne from the many aspects of that singular Form.


To put this another way, 

You are more than you know. Each of us is something much greater, possessing a wingspan that touches the horizon, waiting to be unfurled.  Within each of us lies a Divinity, waiting to be seen.  Though we often do not remember, the myths and legends that we tell are not about beings outside our Selves, but of the deeper, realized aspect of our own essence.  For so long, humanity has forgotten.  Yet the Truth is this – We are the Gods.  We are the Goddesses.  Coming to Remember who we really are.

Consciousness exists on many octaves. The simple comparison is octaves in music. The same pattern can exist in many ranges; yet becomes brighter or muddier, depending on the octave in which it is played.

Similarly, human beings exist on multiple octaves of their own Awakening. From this perspective, there would be dimmer or brighter octaves of a basic imprint, a basic pattern. These are the octaves of the bifrost, the rainbow bridgebetween realms.

In pre-Ascension mythology, the bifrost; also known as the rainbow bridge, is meant to signify a mode of transportation between different realms, notably from the realm of the “mundane’ to the realm of the ‘Divine’. It is a concept intrinsically connected with the World Tree.

The Bifrost, also know as the rainbow bridge, has specific definition within the context of the Mythica. In accordance with the Law of Reflection and the principles of As Above, So Below and As Within, So Without; the octaves of the rainbow bridge represent the different luminances and thus actualization of our inherent Divine powers.

ITM - Rainbow Bridge 2

Movement along the octaves of the bifrost is understood in the context of the Mythica when we realize the Truth – That we are Divine beings in a state of temporary amnesia. That the movement between the realms of ‘Asgard’ and ‘Midgard’ is a change in the dimensions of the Self; in which we live in the mundane or siddhic, Awakened version of our incarnate Selves; our enlightenment, our DNA, etc.

To further illustrate the physics of this, we look at the octaves of a piano, or the octaves of colour along a rainbow; applying the dynamic to the principle of our own current luminance. In this context, the dimmer and muddier the Light passing through our human Selves; the more coarse, the more crude, the more unaware and mundane of a World we live within.

This is the idea of living at a dim octave of who we potentially are.

Comparatively; the brighter, clearer, and more refined our human Selves, the more Light can pass through us; resulting in a siddhic, empowered, magickal state of being.

This is the idea of living at a bright octave, one of Awakened potential and siddhic virtue.


To further illustrate this example; observe this chart of fibonacci chimes as related to the octaves of music. The colour pattern repeats, just as the melody of our Story repeats; yet at dimmer or brighter octaves of it’s archetypical nature.

ITM - Rainbow Bridge 3

This also corresponds to the idea of dimmer or brighter chakras along the rainbow bridge of one’s Self. As our chakras clear, more Light may pass through the prism of our incarnate vessel; which causes us to live in a clearer, brighter halo. We literally travel through another dimensia of the World Tree; sharing a World that resolves in moments of Space and Time at a particular octave of Depth.

This depth, applied in terms of colours, can either be a dim or bright version of it’s own colourscape. If we look at this like a painting, an incarnate existing in a bright octave of itself experiences a deep and rich version of it’s own colours, whereas a being loving in a dim version of itself experiences a washed-out, bland version of itself.

The embodied demonstration of the octaves of the bifrost can be shown in a beautiful parable. Envision that you are observing a party. There are a number of people around a fire. In the dim octaves of the rainbow bridge; the perception and actions of the people are not clear. Their actions are distorted, far removed from the virtues of Love, of Harmony and of Wholeness. There is unhealthy food, devoid of life. Fights break out amongst the people. There is abuse; there is rape. There is drug addiction to such detriments as meth or heroin or cocaine. It is a cruel environment dim in luminance.

Now envision the same party, with the same people; only an octave brighter. Things have changed. The melody; that is, the archetypical pattern that is playing out; remains the same; yet it is played on a brighter timbre of our human luminance. It is still coarse, still rough. Yet perhaps there is no rape and minimal fighting. There is disorderly, disrespectful conduct; yet it is slightly better. There are less instances of truly Self-destructive behaviour. There is some friendship and alliance, though it may be shallow.

Brighten the octave again. The same people. The same fire. Only this time, on a brighter octave of the rainbow bridge. They are cleaner. There is some Love; there is some harmony. The entheogens that are used are less destructive, cannabis and the like. Perhaps there are some vegetarian options. Though mostly mundane, some of the conversations start moving towards matters of Spirit and the Heart.

Next octave. Same people. Same fire. Yet brighter. ….