The Rainbow of your Reality

To see the mystical octave of our sacred path, we must learn to see the rainbow road. The bridge between our own heaven and earth. Between the etheric inspirations of our crown and the anchored reality of the ground. Such is the great adventure where we learn the secret of our own rainbow of reality. As we do, we come to see that all of the conditions of our life, all the manifestations and realities that we move through have a common origin. A set of energies within us that forms the rainbow of our reality.

Most commonly this set of energies is known as the chakras, and as many understand them, they act as focus points for various types of energy, each relating to a certain quality of life. When these energy vortexes are in balance, that quality is in balance in our manifest world. When they are not, neither is that quality.


When we understand this simple thing – that our journey along the spine of our experience is happening simultaneous with the movement of the energies along our vertical spine, we open a window, a portal into the understanding of the relationship between those things.

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