The Real World and the False

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Many of us have the dream of Grace.  Wishing to live in a better, more open version of our reality.  One filled with harmony, with benevolence and fellowship.  When we do not exist in such circumstance, we suffer.  We experience disconnection.  We live in a shadow of what Truly is.

In the context of the Mythica, this is the false reality.  The distortion and confusion where we do not experience the abundance and Grace that is our birthright.  It is the realm of scarcity, of confusion, of disharmony and disrespect.  Where one is experiencing a reality of ongoing discomfort.

To clear oneself of this reality, to move across the realms of manifestation, is the Purpose of all Self development.  In the end, it is the most pragmatic of things, addressing the root cause of limitation and frustration for the purposes of liberation.

Abundance is our natural state.  The nature of the Presence does not compromise.  It remains constant unto itself.  Always Good, always Giving.

Yet there is suffering.  There is lack.  There is confusion.  There is often not even the vision of Paradise, much less it’s embodiment.  Within this extreme, between scarcity and Abundance, between confusion and Clarity, lay all the Stories of all the Worlds.  The lotus-mud-flower-water-bloomunfoldment of the lotus from the mud.  The relentless clearing and opening of the Self, that it may blossom into it’s deepest and truest Light.  The Realization of the Divine glory and abundance within all things.

When we understand that Divinity is constant in the emanation of Goodness, we come to recognize these other conditions as distortions.  Falsities from the Truth, occurring in the context of the physics of the Quest.

Yoga, all yogas, are ultimately about clear seeing.  About being able to perceive, and thus receive the blessings that are the constant emanation from Source.  When we are firm in this, that Goodness and Expansion are the Truth, we come to have navigate to the Real World.  And, as we come to understand that we live within the sacred mirror of our own current state of being, we realize that when we do not see possibility, when we cannot see the Light, it is not the Universe, but our own lens of perception which requires remedy.

It is by no means easy, to consider this.  To face the Idea that the way in which we have been perceiving the World, one of limitation, confusion and victimhood, may be in error.  That the very foundations of what we consider our ‘point of view’ may be suspect.  Yet contemplating this has freedom.  When we consider that our inconstant perception of reality may be out of line with the constant emanation from Source, we have opportunity to change.  To consider new points of view, perspectives of positivity and Trust, making our way back to the direct perception of Grace.

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