The Resonance of Fatherhood

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Fundamental to the journey deeper into the Mythica is the movement from the distorted to the clarified version of particular hues and textures of relationship that along our experience.

As we move along our sacred Path, we encounter the reflection of the energies we are processing.  When we cleanse and clear our own substance, we encounter the more clarified and clear versions of those energies in the field around us.

In this moment, an excerpt from the 2018 'Djedi at the Water' episode of the  Journey Home, I was privileged to witness my fellow djedi Jonah Lion attending to his daughter, witnessing the tones of Family in the subtle fields of the akasha.

Here, I could feel the virtue of their shared character, the energies of violet expansion and enduring Love, passing between them in radiance.

To be around the vibrations of redeemed Family and the virtue of character is part of the manifestation of a more heavenly Earth.  In the Mythica, such plays out as the clarified energy of the elemental planes, playing out in our circumstance.  Putting that in more simple terms, I am experiencing the cleaner version of the general vibration of Family because I have cleared those patterns from my field with the Akasha Yoga.  By clearing my portion of the distortion, I get to encounter beings equal to the virtue of my inner work.

Characters Appearing in this Vision

Jonah Lion - @zionprime

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