The Aina (The Sacred Land)


There is a constant, beneath all of our sacred Stories.  Something vaster and more expansive than our individual Selves, and it is the Land.  The sacred geography upon which we walk.  Which supports us, whose weather and wonders are far larger than us, the grand atmosphere within which _MG_0299all our tales emerge.  Yet what many do not understand is that the Land is not simply the “outer” geography but the “inner” as well.  That they are one and the same, though it does not appear so on the surface.

Such is the very real topography of our heroic journey, in which we move through an elemental landscape of our own energetic mirror.  Such is, in the context of the Mythica, what we refer to as the “realms”.

The journey to Paradise is deeply about redeeming our relationship to the Land.  What, in the isles of the Mother is called the Aina.  And this serves us, for it is from the Land that we gain our grounding, literally.  Where we gain our strength and vitality, the Mana which enlivens and clarifies our experience.  As we deepen our relationship with the natural forces, we gain clarity as to the intentions within our lives.  We come back to the Place that birthed us, coming back to the natural wisdom that lay within.  To the birthplace of all yogas, all techniques.  Our relationship with the Land, both within and without.

On the most functional of levels, it is our relationship, our asana of consciousness with the Land that determines the amount of vitality and embodiment we receive.  The manner in which we are resonant with the deeper octave of our experience.  With the presence of the deva, the intelligence of the Land and our relationship to the Self.  How respectful we are of the Land ‘without’ is how respectful we are of the Land ‘within’, and each has it’s natural consequence.

There is a reason we find sanctity in the Land.  That we showcase the Places and Moments when we have vision of the beauteous Worlds in which we live.  Rainbows, crystal geysers, mountaintops and all the Wonders of the Land rekindle us.  They rejuvenate us, bringing us back into alignment with the deva, with the more pristine imprint of our prism of Self.

When we remember that the Land is Larger than We Are, that it is FROM the Land that we have received these forms and bodies, our vantage changes.  We begin to see the nature of deva yoga, the clearing of the Self through relationship with the Land, both within and without.  We see how our relationship with the intelligence of the Land is our relationship with the Self.



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