A Tale of Discovery

Welcome to the Seed Within, the tale of my heroic journey into the real magical world of synchronicity and Awakening. I’m Yeshua Lucis, and I will be your intrepid guide on this mythical adventure as seen through my eyes.

This is a living talkstory and mystical journalism of my journey deeper into the Mythica, the mythical realization of my life legend.

I’m on an adventure across the rainbow bridge to blossom the seed of light at my core and return to the Garden, on a sacred mission from the Divine to bridge Heaven and Earth through becoming the change I wish to see.

A Portal of Myth

Approaching from a unique angle, my journey is one of a youthful djedi adventurer journeying from the mundane to the magical, coming to realizations, deepening into the sacred arts and discovering a whole new paradigm. My tale becomes a portal through which you can jump into the Mythica, coming to the deeper world of sacred and wonder through the lens of my character in the Great Story.

Throughout my Story you will see my discovery of an emergent paradigm and the authentic witnessing of my circumstances; who I meet along the way, where I am led, what the process is and how its all connected.

Only witnessing, not contriving, the events of my sacred path, reporting the unfoldment of synchronicity to reveal the World of the Mythica; using photo-journalism and self-reflection to leave breadcrumbs of my autobiography and craft tales of Remembrance.

In this way, my authentic telling becomes a window into the mystical world to which I travel. That of priestesses, prophets, other realms and far off lands; meeting the Guardians of an Emergent Garden, from Centers of Light, to Worlds of Faerie, and the purity of sacred Lands; to transformational rituals, eco-villages and beyond; witnessing the fulfillment of my guiding visions… tracing the golden thread of synchronicity in a living tale of self-realization in honor to the web of Life.

This is revealed in my timeline across the Akasha, the space and time to which my theatre is set on this heroic journey to embody my Divine Aspect. As the tale progresses, more of the realms of my journey are revealed, taking you ever deeper into the Mythica.

Throughout you will see green links to various aspects of the platform. These are meant to provide entertaining and educational portals deeper into the Mythica; into the physics of the Quest, the characters, realms and artifacts of the real magical World, and the techniques of Akasha Yoga.

Teaching Through Story

Applying the Akasha Yoga

This is meant to provide a unique but complementary view to the Journey Home by Peter Fae, proving the principals we teach through the Mythica by witnessing their evidence and application in our paths. Our stories are intrinsically linked, as I crossed the rainbow bridge with Peter and studied Akasha Yoga with him.

This is a living autobiography of a yogi, forming a live testimonial of my transforming consciousness and the larger collective Awakening, proving the principals of how we can all walk the rainbow bridge to a more Heavenly World.

Throughout my magickal journal, you will see illustrations revealing the application of the subtle arts to transform my consciousness, revealed through mystic imagery and energetic weavings.


I’m a seed of light sent to spread Awakening, part of a pantheon of other Emissaries here to do the same.

I was born with an inner light, walking a dream that both played upon the surface and beneath my imaginations. An inborn sense that there was so much more.

Only, I forgot, conditioned by the patterns of the world, drifting to the amnesia of a mundane world. It was a place that had lost its meaning, spinning in the pendulum of time without direction. A crisis burst in my heart, that fire for change to a world that had forgotten its wonder.

Something profound shifted in 2014. I saw the Oneness in all things and began to remember why I came here. A new love and appreciation for all that is began to take root, in seeing there is no separation. A sacred witnessing, that everything is part of a divine plan, recognizing my place in that to share in this Awakening with the planet.

A clarion call began to resound within… “Become the change you wish to see.”

Follow the Dream…

A dream came to me in 2014 in my hometown of Brownsburg. “Follow the synchronicities unceasingly and you will be led to a new reality.” A call to adventure so strong I could not resist.

This led me all the way to the roundtable at the dragonspine of Crestone, where I met Peter Fae after eight months at a desert side eco-village.

“Join me on an adventure across the rainbow bridge!” He said, showing me his elvish armor. “You’ll fit right in … in Avalon.”

Little did I know what a Quest awaited me…

Across the many rays of the rainbow, from sacred lands to rituals, from the Worlds of Faerie to New Earth Temples and beyond, witnessing a Tribe of Light and a grand shift in consciousness.

It’s true. That there’s a real magical World. That there’s a reason why we’re here. That dreams come true… But I’ve had to learn to walk the rainbow way, to heal our relations, read the signs and align with the Divine.

It’s no easy Quest, at all. That of facing the distortions of the previous era, of wielding the yogic arts of healing and manifestation, while tracking my golden thread across the Akasha. Now more anchored in the witnessing of the magical world, the blossom of the Seed Within pours forth, to share the Gift.

May my pen be my sword on this grail Quest of embracing embodiment, to mend the circle of life and come back to the Garden, in Service to the Awakening in Harmony with Gaia.

Are you ready to go deeper into the Mythica?