The Seeds of a New Earth

Budding up through the garden of the mind is a new story of what it means to be human at this time of great Awakening.

The seeds of a new Earth are budding from Source, each embodying a unique quality in service to our collective Ascension. We are these seeds, led across the skin of Gaia to pollinate this transformation.

As we begin to awaken to this divine pattern that lay within us, we come to realize that we are the instrument for something much larger than ourselves. We take a step into the next octave of our potential embodied, where we realize that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Awaiting us is a new life of real mysticism and wonder, a realm of divine providence and depth of being. Yet, as spiritual beings having a human experience, how do we travel there? Into a new paradigm of embodied wonder and majesty?

As we clear our consciousness of the patterns that have defined the previous age, aligning with the divine pattern that wishes to blossom through us, we journey towards a heavenly Earth. In Akasha Yoga, we align with the sacred Land, tell the tales of Remembrance and honor all our relations. In this way, we anchor an Awakening.

As we clear more of the light of awareness is able to pass through us, revealing the Seeds within us; we come into alignment with our Life Purpose, its mystery unraveling through our sacred path of self-discovery. We come to see a deeper truth, that we live in a benevolent universe and that abundance is Nature’s nature, that there is a bright gift that wants to happen through Us.

We move deeper into the magical octave of our reality, into the Mythica, and begin to encounter one another in kismet, coming to see that we are all connected in the Great Story of our shared rise to blossom.

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