The Shadow of Value

One of the most faced shadows along our journeys is that of Value, of the shroud of our true perception and reception of the Abundance. This takes all forms; financial, relationships, vitality, inspiration, Love, and our sense of fulfillment and overall happiness.

When we are in the shadow of Value, our access is blocked, either we can’t recognize our own value, or if we can, others can’t, and vise and versa. It is where we deal with such distortions as not receiving the true regard of our offering or experiencing the flow of natural wealth and reciprocity. It is a realm where appreciation is stagnant and we may experience scarcity, both in our conditions and in our consciousness, community and surroundings.

As Within, So Without. This is a result of distortions in the prism of the Self, as we live in the manifest reflection of the current vibrational sculpture that we are. From personal to collective world-wide conditions, scarcity is caused by misalignment with the Garden, and the best way that we can transform this is to take responsibility for our portion of the distortion, clearing our part of the pollution from the inside out.

The idea of “Shadow” is based on the idea that there is a True and Benevolent pattern beneath, which is our Divine Nature, which the shadow is cast off of, because our perception of that is shrouded. That when this veil is removed, the redeemed version of that thing emerges and the shadow is dispersed.

Based on the paradigm of a friendly universe, the Abundance wishes to come through us. There is a seed of divine purpose at the center of our lives, that wants to blossom into the fruits of earthly and spiritual delights. Yet, there are weeds and blockages that must be cleared in the gardens of our minds in order for this to happen, where the Abundance naturally emerges.

There is an empowered and abundant versions of ourself, which is a particular point of view, a set of conditions, a realm of being in the Akasha. Our journey from scarcity to abundance is one of facing the shadow of Value, of clearing the vibrational impressions and distortions that underlay the surface manifestations of our experience.

This is why we do the practices of clearing and alignment, and is one of the practical purposes of Akasha Yoga. In the context of our journey deeper into the Mythica, we are witnessing how these patterns relate to our experience, while phrasing our relationship with the process as a story of redemption and healing. The Mythica provides a wealth of examples, principals and practices that we may use to transform this condition to that of our birthright of Abundance and Grace in the paradigm of Heaven on Earth.

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