The Substance of Consciousness

Very often in spiritual circles there is the phrase, “I want to change my consciouness” or something similar. Yet while this is an entirely valid statement, very often the seeker occurs for me as not truly understanding the nature of consciousness and their relationship to it. This article seeks to help illuminate that distinction, so as to give a new perspective to the nature of relationship between our awareness and the consciousness which we inhabit.

From the perspective of Akasha Yoga, awareness is not consciousness. Consciousness is what awareness is aware-of. It is the subtle-yet-visceral substance of the mindstuff of God, the play of the five elements perceived as a sculptural medium. An ocean of living dreamstuff, moving constantly through the evolutions of it’s own becoming.

From this context, our various selves are merely droplets of consciousness within that much larger ocean of consciousness., and that the entirety of our experience of our sacred Path is the manifestation of that particular point of view. That particular shape, or droplet of the consciousness, to which we have varying degrees of attachment and bondage.

It is at it’s core a sculptural perspective, the realization that our current definition of self and it’s associated conditions are not Who We Are at our core, but rather What We Are Looking Through.

In Akasha Yoga, we refer to this consciousness-as-divine-clay as akasha, including within that defintion the fullness of those five elements within the defining space.

Such is a beautiful thing, for it gives us a reference point to see the unfoldment from in which we cultivate a sense of the suchness of things, the particular configuration of the five elements which makes up our current droplet of manifest perception.

For simple understanding, you are not the consciousness. You are the awareness of the consciousness and the relationship of that awareness to the consciousness. To the various droplets and currents of the akasha that makes up the many forms.

The distinction is one of a position reference, and the degree of mana (prana) that is capable of moving through the droplet of the self in relation to that position. When we are overly associated with the self, our reference point perceives things from the gravity that we are the consciousness we inhabit, which can create bondage and inhibit the flow of prana through it’s rigidity.

On the other hand, when we recognize viscerally that we are the awareness of the consciousness and come from that place of reference, the natural abundance of energy within the field may more easily move through our droplet of self, as we more naturally shift and change to allow the movement of What Is.

As part of the yoga, we cultivate the sensate understanding of this such that we may work with the sculpture of consciousness that is our self from a more liberated place, less bound by the resolving impressions within the subconscious that generate our current point-of-view.

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