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There are many levels to our consciousness.  Many depths of awareness that we may have of our reality.

In the context of the Mythica, there is the Surface of awareness, the shallow perception of our experience, and there is the Subtle, the depths of perception and relationship with the deeper and more robust aspects of our experience.

The journey deeper into one’s Mythica, to the actual, physical manifestation of a magickal reality, is tied directly to our perception of the World.  Whether we live on the surface, or in the depths of our potential.

When we speak about the subtle arts, we are talking about a very real perception of the deeper octave of our experience.  Of the subtle energies that are always present yet not always seen within our experience.

All modalities of manifestation, of healing, of transformation and relationship, occur for us relative to the octave of our perception.  When we can perceive the subtle energies that underlie an experience, we can work with them.  As we awaken, our sense of these things deepens, and we experience a more robust, more actualized version of our potential reality.

This is a fundamental quality unique to Mythica publishing.  In which we are illustrating not only what our Stories and incarnations appear to be in the shallows and surface of perception; but what they ARE; visualized in the deeper and more enduring energetics of embodiment.

What things look like on the Surface plane and what they appear as in the Mythica are often vastly different.  Though they have the same archetypical signature, it requires a deepened perception to receive beings in their aspect.  When one spends much time in the shallows of the Surface planes, they can miss the deeper, mythical aspect of their unfolding Story.

This occurs across the board.  Our Universe is much deeper, much more mystical and vibrant than we know.  As we make our journey into the Mythica, these qualities begin to show themselves in greater and greater depth; we begin to perceive the richer octaves of our experience.  We see what is really going on.

We see that we are much larger, much deeper and more holy things that can be seen on the Surface.  That as we cultivate our awareness, we begin to sense and perceive the underplanes of our existence, the archetypical and mythical beings that we are the current incarnation of.

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Peter Fae is the Creator of Into the Mythica and Author of the Journey Home. Having cultivated the healing arts for years along the Journey Home, Peter is available for giving Guidance and Healing of one's sacred Path. Find out more or book a consultation with him on his personal page