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The Surface & the Subtle – Octaves of Perception

The Surface & the Subtle – Octaves of Perception

To understand what it means to travel deeper into the Mythica, we must take a humble, and hopefully enlightening look at the nature of our perception.  As detailed in the physics of the quest, our perception of the Universe is relative to the structure of our current prism of Self, the * current * horizon of our gaze.  Yet the Universe is much, much deeper than we often know.  As we come to open to the vaster aspect of our own potential, we begin to see the real magickal World that was always there, waiting for us to open the doors of our own perception.

There are many levels to our perception of reality, ranging from the most shallow to the deepest and most fundamental perception of causal elements of reality itself.  As we travel deeper into the Mythica, our awareness shifts, and we perceive more of the elemental energies, the hidden jewels that lay within our Self waiting to be discovered.

As always, such is a matter of perception, where we come to perceive that which was already there.

On the surface of awareness, the shallowest and least powerful level of perception, we simply see the surface of things.  The body, the base perception of form.

As we deepen, we come to see the deeper Truth, that we are in fact made of patterns of energy, arranged into a matrix, and from this comes all of our circumstance.  Yet what many beings do not see is something within this context … that we are the very embodiments of the Gods and Goddesses themselves, existing in our * current * octave of awareness.

A point should be made here.  Many beings, in fact, most of the beings in the human plane at this time are asleep.  Unaware of the deeper octave of their own Divinity.  The amnesia and inconstancy of their awareness prevents them, albeit temporarily, from recognizing the Truth of their own potential, which results in the outward projection of the Divinity of the Self into myths and legends, which are, in fact, the manifestations of our own Selves at a brighter and more expansive octave of our own virtue.

This plays out elementally, in which the very elements that we are MADE of create the archetypical beings that we are, and is the basis for the presentation of the Surface and the Subtle aspect of the Physics of the Quest.

Even deeper, at the most causal level of form, these shapes break down, become a medley of colours and synesthete textures, the elemental energy of reality itself.

To perceive reality on such a level is no small feat.  It is a yogic attainment of the highest order, in which one is finally able to see the causes and results of our interpretations of reality and how such things create our circumstance.

This applies to more than the Self.  All of the forms in our lives can be seen at a deeper, more robust octave.  As we cultivate our awareness, as we expand our perceptions, we step into a more magickal version of our reality.  We move deeper into the Mythica.

When we remember that awareness is the conduit for energy, it becomes crucially important to cultivate that awareness, such that we may experience more energy, more robustness, and more vitality in our relationship with the Creation.  To make this even more robust, we must also understand that awareness changes, from individual to individual.  While one being may see deeper colours, another may not.  While one may feel the presence of spirits and entities, another may not.  Some beings perceive lights, flows of energy, kinesthetic currents of pure life force moving through the atmosphere, while others may experience a tingling in their stomach, a particular sensation in their hair, the possibilities are endless, and relative to the prism of one’s current Self.  The particular Gift that they bring to the Worlds.

Yet while there are many different ways of interpreting the deeper octaves of reality, the fact remains, the World is much, much larger than we could possible imagine.

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