The Sword, the Chalice, and the Grail

arthurswordAll across the World we are rising. The Grail Kings and Queens. The knights, the priestesses, the magickians and fools. Djedhi allies and sacred avatars of the Magdalene. Together, we are coming to remember who we really are.

As I lie here on my caravan, deep in the coils of the Dragon of Crestone, I come up an invitation to ‘The Sword and the Chalice‘, a workshop given at a castle in Berlin by my djedhi brother and fellow guardian, Adam Apollo. It is an honour to see his great works, to see the ressurection of that which never died but merely changed it’s form, the immortal Truths that underlie all our Stories. The Chalice. The Sword. The Grail.

It is fitting, for this morn I had one of my visions. A sense of the unfoldment that is always occurring, one seen in shallows and depths by the octaves of the people of this World. I saw the magdalene Dakota and her adventures in Kaua’i, I saw my own movement deeper into the tantric practices and the sacred dancing of Ariane and the Cosmic Carnival; threads of destiny and delight playing out in weaves of inuitive Knowing, orienting me towards the next phase of my own journey deeper into the Mythica.

It came to me after barefoot walking the mountain of Crestone, the great Dragon to which I have been led upon the Quest, though it not the first of my visions and certainly not the last.  Always have I had a sense of the Everwhen, in which the lines of destiny and decree may be seen, in which there is direct perception of the unfoldment of our Stories as a vast and beauteous loom.  In such fugues of clarity, the map unfolds, and I have glimpse of the great Pattern that lay beneath the surface of the Worlds.

And it is True.  The table reforms, at long last.  The templar, the guardians, the magdalene and the fae, all realms  crystallize at last into the Incarnate plane.  After a millenia of confusion, Avalon rises once more, clad in the forms and functions of the current Age.  Such is the Great Story that is revealaed within the annals of the Mythica, the grand tapestry of redemption that I was sent here to witness and report.

Such is the great Purpose of my own incarnation, that I am blessed with the Sight to perceive the deeper currents, the real World that lay beneath the pale.  It is in such reflection that I witness my own Path, so long wandering between the realms, high in the mountains, led to the current forms of Avalon and her peoples.  It is why I came here, the bright Purpose of this long journey across the territories of the Mythica.   To be part of this great convergence, to sit once more at the round .. the Sword, the Chalice, and the Grail.


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