The Tree of Life

All stories happen on the Tree of Life. The network of our nervous system as it extends outwards from our spine. It is by delving into the subtle layers of that system that we discover the roots of our manifest reality.

To enter the magical world, we must go deeper into this system, in our personal tree of life. We must learn to discern the patterns that lay within our subconscious that are stored in that system, transforming the shape of our reality from the inside-out.

At the core of this understanding is the idea that we live in the structure of our own subconscious patterns. That our reality, the set of conditions that we experience along our timeline of experience, is a reflection, a sacred mirror of the vibrational substance of our own inner world.

As we make the journey of consciousness, this understanding goes even deeper. We start to see that our individual tree of life is but a subset, a small fragment of a much larger system. A weave of interconnected roots and tendrils of intelligence that connects us all. We come to see that what we thought of as our particular patterns and challenges are actually just an expression of that much larger form, that we are a part of the nervous system of the planet herself.

Ways of Feeling the Tree of Life

There are many ways to open our awareness to the tree of life, reconnecting with the structure of our story. On the most simple of levels …

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