The World Within the World

There is a beautiful World that exists.  One that we can travel to.  A place of harmony, of expansive, and of endless Wonder.

It is the World beneath the World; the realm of magick and majesty; full of all manner of mystical events and occurrences.  This is the world of the Mythica.  It is the real World of magick; as she exists on the Earth.  The place where stories like ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Percy Jackson’ and other genres find their inspiration.  Yet she is not a Story told in paper, but rather the actual, physical manifestation of what those Stories are referencing.

To get to the Mythica; one must understand the nature of consciousness; itself.  It isn’t necessarily easy, but well worth the effort to live in a realm of synchrony and kismet; to walk amongst other beings who are part of the great awakening of the planet.  In a very real way, the realm of the Mythica is both a place and a state of being.  More specifically, she’s the place that one arrives at when they are in a particular state of being.

What must be understood is this: The Mythica is constantly around us.  The world of magick and human achievement is *always* happening.  What is required is that we change our vibrational state; that we change the way in which our energies are organized and thus change the lens of our perception so that we can see the magick unfolding.  In this manner, journey into the Mythica is a movement into the deeper state of our own consciousness.

Yet this is only the beginning of the beauty.  For to travel deeper into the Mythica is to travel into the realms of abundance and expansion.  Into an existence of synchronicity, of mysticism and the revelation of our sacred Path.

The basic concept is this: There is a World beneath the World.  That is, there is state of perception that we can attain in which we are able to see the deeper, hidden aspects of the World unfolding around us.  It is the movement from perceiving our lives as mundane, shallow things of confusion and disharmony into a place of connection to the elements, of deeper relationship with the Land; of the manifestation of the very real mystical abilities of perception and manifestation from which our fictional stories are drawn.  When we change our Self; when we adjust our vibrational tone; we leave the mundane Worlds behind and go into the deeper, more robust and profound existence that is our birthright.

This is the journey deeper into the Mythica; the World within the World.

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