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Akasha Yoga, The Yoga of Story

learn to see your life as a mystical adventure.

A Story only you can tell.

It's time to live your myth.

The Yoga of Story is a path to enlightenment through the power of our Stories. A way of witnessing the underlying synchronicities that connect us all. It is already happening. Heaven is Here, waiting for us to grace it with our awareness upon the Earth. This course is an opportunity to take a deep dive into this emergent conversation on consciousness, as a practice of spellcraft and applied magic. Remember, everything is a spell. A weaving of the fundamental vibrations that create the Universe. Akasha Yoga, it is also known as, is about becoming aware of this, so we can work with it as a form of empowerment and transformational practice.

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Uncover the mystery of your story

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with Peter Fae and Yeshua Lucis

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Uncover your Divinity

Within you is an angel upon the earth, here with a sacred purpose that only you can reveal.

The Yoga of Story is to help you in the process, the transformational arts of healing and manifestation that are the clearing away of all that we are not, so that we can see the divine aspect of ourself emerge.

Come with us on a journey back to the source of stories

Come with us on a journey back to the source of stories

an adventure through the tree of life

an adventure through the tree of life

across the rainbow road between the realms

across the rainbow road between the realms

Discover the Mythica,

the landscape of legend

Learn to see your life as an epic adventure. 

A world filled with all manner characters, embodying mythical archetypes in service to your evolution.

A journey across the realms and realities of consciousness, of the manifestation of infinite possibilities upon the world stage.

Dive deeper into the lands of your legend, where myth and archetype are real

Learn to Shift your consciousness

and step deeper into the magical world.

Take the deep dive into what it means to live in the reflection of your current state of consciousness.

Practice the mystic arts

Discover the rainbow within. Learn to change your reality from the inside out. 

Weave and wield the subtle energies of manifestation. Practice seeing how your outer world changes by shifting your vibration.

2019-1-25 - Peter Fae weaving by the temple

track your timeline

Through reviewing the progression of your Quest on your timeline, come to see the common thread.

Here, the akasha unveils, the space and time that is the weave of worlds. Where the patterns common to all our stories emerge.

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