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The Yoga of Story

The Yoga of Story

Greetings.  I hope you enjoyed the video.  Let me give You a a bit more information on the Mythica project.  I hope you will take the time to move through the site a bit, seeing what is coming.

We are all here for a reason.  A Purpose, to transform our lives and fulfill our dharma.  We live in a magnificent time, when techniques exist to transform our consciousness, to step into our birthright of Heaven on Earth.  All across the World, yoga studios, means of alchemizing and changing one’s life circumstances, are growing.  The People are Awakening, coming to recognize that there is a much, much larger World than we know.

I was gifted to study the yogas of magick.  That of divination, of manifestation, of the animal totems and portents, the plant medicines and alchemies of personal change.  During my studies, I was given a vision, an understanding of moksha, that there was no separation, that we are all connected, that all of Stories are part and parcel of something larger, an Atlas of Stories which proves and demonstrates the unity of all of our seemingly separate Selves.

In my ministrations, I saw that all human beings were going through the same thing – a heroic journey from one state of being to another.  The long road from ignorance to Self-Realization.  As God ordained me, I was led to create a proof for the people, that not only showed the deeper octave of our potential awareness, yet also showed the applied techniques that transformed our consciousness and our lives.

Make no mistake, we are ALL going through it.  We are ALL going through processes to change, dealing with our shadows, clearing the scarcity consciousness, re-aligning with the natural World and our natural alignment.  Everyone has to do it.  I did.  You have to.  Everyone.  Such is the nature of the great alchemy of World change,

The Mythica was created to facilitate this change.  To provide a framework for the personal and collective Path.  To help the People Awaken.  She is the result of a 15-year service to God, in which I have been diligently working to build this framework, using my own Story, a multimedia version of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, to demonstrate the nature of transformation and siddhic attainment … as a * model * for other Stories.  To create a network which honours the Stories of others, and helps us all to Remember …in our own words.  Our own deeds.  To help us recognize that we ALL matter.  That we are all part of the solution, all connected in the most subtle and enduring of ways.

Within this site is the documented proof of the movement from scarcity to Abundance, from ignorance to Self-Realization, chronicled in the (still evolving) ‘Journey Home‘, my own Story, as well as the Stories of other Authors, to showcase the Physics of the Quest, the deeper vibrational causes of our manifestation and our shared dharma.  Herein you will find an ongoing series of articles which relate to that heroic journey, and provide means for beings to go deeper into their own sacred Path, while recognizing that we are all connected through the Atlas of Stories, part of a grand unfoldment that links us all.

Core to the Mythica concept is the redemption of Value.  The shift in consciousness that shows that Value is not simply “money”, but rather the vibrational tone that we embody.  That simply through our *beingness*, what we have attained, we transform the vibrations, and thus the consciousness, of everyone around us.

It is my humble request that I am received in proving that the Value offered in the Mythica and in my vibration is matched, and I am granted the donation of an unlimited pass for at least one month if not two to go deeper into the yogas of the body at your studios. As said in the video, I will, of course, bring these Realizations to the People. Thank You.

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Peter Fae is the Creator of Into the Mythica and Author of the Journey Home. Having cultivated the healing arts for years along the Journey Home, Peter is available for giving Guidance and Healing of one's sacred Path. Find out more or book a consultation with him on his personal page