The Yogas of the New World

A new day is dawning across the World. New techniques, new ways of interfacing with the beautiful planet that we call home are coming to the fore. During this transformational time, the fundamental ways in which we negotiate the idea of being human must evolve.

Evolution is a process of nature, that plays out in our spiritual journey to awaken our consciousness and embody our Divinity. We come to attune ourselves to Natural Law, taking a deep dive into the Nature of Self, and why we are here at this pivotal time. We see the fundamental drive for change, starts within.

Truly, to understand the way that the emergent yoga works on a fundamental level, we must deepen our sensory awareness and coming to gnosis, Know Thyself. It is the essence of deepening into the Temple of the Self and coming to honor our existence, while approaching the physics of the Quest that give rise to a deepened sense of harmony and alignment with Nature; greater vitality, wholeness and health, better relationships, more expansion and grace.

Through this, we practice right relationship. Through the yoga of Story, we come to honor the vessels of divinity that are the people, plants and messages that arrive on our path, coming to deepen our awareness of the archetypal and energetic undercurrent that informs and guides our sacred path of synchronicity. We come to abide in a living meditation of awakening, shifting the inner asana of our stance in relationship with our reality to gain more Access to the Abundance that is our Birthright.

It is our shared goal: Heaven on Earth.

Heaven is Here, can you see it? How do you perceive in order to receive…?

Nature is naturally Abundant. The nature of Nature, is our True Nature, for we are not separate from the Earth. The issues and distortions of the previous age that have given rise to the current conditions that are in transformation, were generated by a fundamental misalignment; separation from Source and a direct connection to Gaia, Mother Earth.

The abundance is here, but your lens of perception that would allow you to perceive it, and thus receive it, is rippling with those resolving distortions.

Addressing this to access the abundance underneath is the purpose of the Yogas of the New World. It is the smoothing of the ripples to see the prime pattern underneath.

Here, we approach the fundamental application of the arts of healing and manifestation. We see that we are actually working with the Sculpture of the Self, the vibrational substance of embodiment, to achieve a shift in our very consciousness. When we do this, our entire world transforms, for our very lens of perception is one and the same with the reality that we experience.

As within, so without. Want to change the world? Change You.

Change you, Change it all

This defines the very spiritual process and practice itself, in which we come to see more clearly the Yogas of the New World. It is our relationship with the Nature of Self, itself, and how awareness of the physics of the Quest gives rise to our ability to transform the conditions of our life.

This is the basis for the Laws of Attraction, Meditation, and Vibrational Healing, where we are essentially working with our overall vibration to achieve a shift in our manifestation that leads to greater levels of health, wealth and love.

It means facing and addressing the root causes, the vibrational patterns that manifest in our experience, in order to clear them and transform our conditions. This is the heroic journey of our gradual awakening, coming to open the chakras and blossom the lotus of our potential along the rainbow road to a more heavenly earth. As we do this, we expand into new levels of vitality and grace, witnessing synchronicities align along our timelines to new realities.

It is an alchemical crucible, where we face the very qualities of what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience, where the myriad of dramas and resolutions that play out on the surface of our lives, are really the addressing of the underlying patterns that we all face in the human condition. It then becomes about how we address these aspects, that is the nature of our navigation to right relationship, clearing the distortions of separation to come back to Unity.

Big Picture

Seen from the theatre of the Akasha, the World Stage, the same pattern plays out from an individual to a collective level, for it is all the same ripple repeating from the microcosm to the macrocosm. We expand beyond to see a more fundamental view of the nature of spiritual evolution.

The seed is within you, and the divine is producing these ideas through you as an extension of Gaia and expression of Source Intelligence. Each of us has a yoga that is appropriate to us, and by the physics of the Quest, the right teaching, the right technique, the appropriate form and fashion, will appear unique unto you, from the friendly universe.

Here, we suggest not one particular style of being or set of techniques, we prescribe a metaphysical understanding that will give rise to correct alignment with what is appropriate unto you. Through the use and honing of your discernment, you come to recognize what is resonant with your authenticity, which is how we make our way to our True Self.

Thus, the emergent yoga is one of alignment with our Source through direct relationship with our Truth. It is through the corridors of the soul we travel, as we make our way deeper to the tabernacle of our own Divinity. We give not ourselves over to traditions just by the sake of it, but rather find what resonates and leave the rest, investigating what originally gave rise to lineage: Divine Truth. In this way, we are the heroes and heroines, forging the emergent consciousness through our embodiment, living the way and walking the path to Heaven on Earth.

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