There is no Separation

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Can you see a nation,
with no separation?
of veils dissolved and problem solved
in bright illumination?

Can you be solution,
sacred dissolution
of the borders of the Heart
that sets the Worlds so far apart? 


There is no separation.  We are One.

All of the World’s difficulties can be traced to this single, fundamental error in perception.  The very nature of this distortion at the root of perception gives rise to an infinite variety of disharmonies.  As we clear our consciousness through the yogas of change, we experience the healing of this distortion,  allowing a new viewpoint which is more aligned with What Is.

To experience this shift is fundamental to one’s Awakening, as it is the shaking off of the distortions of amnesia to see the deeper truth that defines our experience.  As we dissolve the sense of separation between one another, we our entire way of being changes alongside it, offering us ever-greater opportunity to experience the robustness of the Creation.

To do this thing is one of the greatest levers to our personal healing, for it helps us to transcend the idea that ‘he did this’ or ‘she did that’ into ‘we are going through this, together’, changing our entire approach to the concept.  As we step into this, the game of ‘shame’ and ‘blame’ evaporates into a deeper revelation that we are ALL processing a distortion within the Collective consciousness, and that by healing the qualities within our own Self, we effect change across the planet entire because … there is no separation.

Yet deepening into this truth is not easy.  It requires the clearing of the wounds within our Self that keep us from feeling the connection to other beings.  It requires re-aligning ourselves with Natural law, such that we may actually feel what it feels like to be a part of the greater World.

Despite this challenge, when we cross this threshold in our journey across the Akasha, we experience a brighter and more expansive version of our reality, for we are more aligned with the deeper nature of the human experience.

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