Your Power is in the Now

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There is only Now.

Perhaps the greatest spiritual error in manifestation is the idea of ‘when I get there’.  The idea that we will feel a certain way when we achieve a particular result, when in fact the reality of manifestation is the opposite … we get the result when we have the feeling.

On the deeper planes of consciousness, this relates to the idea of being in the Present, rather than wasting energy rerunning one’s perception of Past situations or imagining the Future.  From a strategic standpoint, our power lay not in the Then, but in the Now.  To get to this state of being, clear from the obstruction of unhelpful thoughts, is a great attainment … the true experience of the robustness that is the true nature of reality.

Sadly, most beings do not live in the Present.  They are not ‘being here now’, but rather lost in conjecture and regret.  Structurally, in accordance with the physics of the quest, the lens of their consciousness is unclear, and they see the robustness that exists all around them.  From such a state, they cannot recognize that God is Good.

In situations, we wish to work with our feelings.  Our relationship to the experience.  We wish to feel things NOW in the manner and vibration we wish to feel them.  There is power in this.




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