Through the Looking Glass

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As I walked this morning, I felt myself slightly ‘outside’ the self. It was a sense of my higher self playing the part of my current character. Of looking ‘through the looking glass’.

There is a deep expansion coming through the clearing of my consciousness. A remembrance sparked within the fabric of my being and an appreciation of the suchness of my current character.

Its happening in a confluence of threads, that of questions of support and right stance to be in the abundance, moving through the undertones of friction connected to the old paradigm of value towards resolve. I saw I must have complete trust in the unfoldment. When I was able to resolve in surrender, there was an opening. A molting of past rigities into a new empowered humility, a recognition of the beauty that blossoms through the mandala of my being.

Its the healing, the appreciation and love for my current self and its part in the play of cause and effect. As I fully aligned with this, moving past the old arrangement of my rainbow bridge, I felt myself step deeper into Heaven on Earth. Its the only way, to be the change we wish to see.

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In Akasha Yoga, we practice the sacred witnessing of our lives unscripted as awareness peering through the looking glass of our current character in the Great Story.

A message comes through strong from spirit. Its time to step out.

My character is many things, and its awesome to get to be this suchness this time around. Bard of the New World, Star Seed, Emissary of Faerie, and Ambassador of the Awakening.

To get to have a self, and to play my part in the Great Story is a beautiful thing. Its been quite a journey to get to this space of being in the Akasha, the ‘All that Is’, that of appreciation for my humanity and the nuances of that unique embodiment that is Yeshua.

Its like the spirit of the land told me in the close of Faerie Worlds festival. “You are an emissary of Faerie, of Nature. You are meant to be an ambassador of Gaia, a rainbow bridge to the new world here to remind the People that we and the land are one.”

It was part of the revelation of my unique character coming through the reflections on my path. A continuous inquiry into the nature of my character of my current self. Its a beautiful thing, to get to admire the qualities that make up that beingness, through the looking glass.

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