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I’m Yeshua Lucis, the Author of the Seed Within, the second tale within this Temple of Story.

I’ve always believed there’s magic in the world. That there is a deeper purpose why we’re here, just beneath the surface. Throughout my life that seed of purpose has been pushing up through the soil of my being, striking met with the desire to help others see the depth and wonder of what it can mean to be a spiritual being having a human experience.

I answered the call to adventure after a dream where I was told, “Follow the synchronicity unceasingly and you will be led to a new reality.”

I followed my inner compass, led by the unfoldment. As I traveled the path I discovered different centers of Light, sacred sites, gatherings of emergent consciousness and eco-communities, and have met all manner of characters of a Great Story, all part of a grand renaissance in consciousness. I retreated to sacred lands, clearing my conscious to become the change I wish to see.

In 2016 I received a guiding vision, to share my voice with the world in service to the Awakening. Soon after, I met Peter Fae and joined him as an Author for Into the Mythica. I apprenticed with him, documenting my path to see the living proof the Mythica within my own life. I offer my tale to help you in your own Awakening and to see the Great Story that unites us all.

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Journal of Adventure

May 26, 2019

2019-5-10 – Hana Mana

From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis

Leaving Mandala Gardens, Peter and I journey deeper into the jungle, on to a place called Hana Mana, opening in perfect time as our window closes to stay at the temple. Hitching a ride with a brother from Texas, the language grounds to...

April 26, 2019


From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis

Returning to the sacred fields of the Temple of Peace, I open my ministrations thought the portal of video to share my realizations into the nature of our collective healing. Following the scent of my intuition, I remember Marie was to...

April 20, 2019

2019-4-20 Love the Lotus

From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis

I’ve taken a break from the entries here while I’ve been in a deep state of organization and publishing, bringing together the backstory of my timeline and detailing the marketing. With Earth Day approaching tomorrow, on the day of...

April 14, 2019

2019-4-14 When I Trust

From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis

When I trust, and let go, I am seeing there is so much more unfolding past the horizon of what I once knew. That a world of wonder and magic awaits the doors of my perception. I’ve seen it happen many times before, those ordinary...

March 30, 2019


From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis

Seriously powerful gathering at the Satya Temple, marking a wayshrine across the realms of the Akasha deeper into the redeemed abundance and fellowship. Today, experiencing deep tests and transformations, triggering the alchemical...

March 29, 2019

Satya Sensate

From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis, Visions

Things are so much deeper than they appear on the surface. Beneath, is a universe of sensation and energy, of connections and meaning. As I return to the Satya Temple, I witness Casandra across these realms beneath, sensing the subtle...

March 17, 2019


From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis

Doing the Dispenza water rising meditation again today, I experience a complete transformation in my energy, mindstate and mood. I’m really seeing just how potent a spell this is for me, arriving in perfect form in accordance with the...

March 12, 2019


From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis

After a full rest in the tent, I draw from the mana of the Aina, rejuvenating my vitality for the castings to come. I reflect on my phrasing of that, seeing my context in place of recognizing all actions as the magic of our...

March 11, 2019


From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis

Within the temple, a deep wound comes up through Cassandra for clearing through the shared light of the Akasha, centered around the voice and right use of power. In the capacity of my priesthood, I hold space for the clearing through...

March 1, 2019

2019-2-27 Cirque de Fae

From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis

Peter and I emerge from the jungle brush, leaving the cape of mandala gardens for the coastal town of Paia. Arriving to the road we invoke that we will be picked by the right person, soon after catching a ride to a fruit stand, miles...