2016 - Initiation

19 Nov

2016-11-19 – “Invitation to CoCreation”

Returning to the Dream Weavers Sanctuary, I journey again into the realms of community, encountering the Handbook to CoCreation. Helping to setup the

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08 Oct

2016-10-8 - “Roads of Redemption”

“Driving down the road to Crestone, I prayed. Spirit, where is my Yeshua?” Star shares with me in the Dream Weaver’s Sanctuary. “Will you

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25 Aug

2016-8-25 – “Dream Weavers Sanctuary”

Arriving to the Dream Weavers Sanctuary, I continue along the rainbow bridge between the realms of permaculture, community and emergent culture.

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18 Aug

2016-8-18 – “Tribal Vision”

I continue on to the Tribal Vision festival, intent to witness the emergent culture and share my voice in service. Lindsay Semilla con

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07 Aug

2016-8-7 – “Angels of the Rainbow Bridge”

Descend on through a bridge of lightencounter the octaves of the tribeshifting between the hues and seemsof you and me, in a sacred alchemyopen up my

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20 Jun

2016-6-20 – “EarthStar”

Peter and I are granted passage to a local eco-village, further revealing the guiding vision and the support of a friendly universe. At the en

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17 Jun

2016-6-17 – “The Cosmic Carnival”

Within the Cosmic Carnival, all manner of tests and magic occur. Invoking the grounding of the land, I find my way to realms of cirques and dance. Fo

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14 Jun

2016-6-14 – “God Loves You”

I embark to the Cosmic Carnival with Peter Fae, facing the question of whether I am supported by a friendly universe cross the blazing sands of the M

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30 May

2016-5-30 - “Seeds of the New Earth”

Led to the forests above the town of Crestone, I camp, invoking trust. Descending to town, I encounter someone who offers me sanctuary for the coming

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11 May

2016-5-12 - “Arrow of Fire”

Returning to the Desert Oasis eco-village, Peter Fae drops me off with the replacement tire for my caravan. I now have the freedom to shift realms.

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10 May

2016-5-10 – “Brothers in Water”

Peter helps me retrieve a new tire so I may leave the Desert Oasis. This takes us much further into the Mythica than I had imagined, revealing our an

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03 May

2016-5-3 – “Initiation Into the Mythica”

Following the guiding vision, I am led to the roundtable by lady Krystleyez and first meet Peter Fae. I join him on the Quest to bring the Mythica to

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01 May

2016-5-1 - "The Guiding Vision"

Open up and open truefeel it as I step on throughthe gates of wonder and wakingto face the fate of my making,answering the call to adventureAcross th

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