2017 - Spine of the Dragon

02 Dec

2017-12-2 - "Nectar of Naples"

It works out! Holding the vision and clearing the land led us at the final countdown from the grounds of Zen Awakening onward, the funds donated to r

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15 Nov

2017-11-15 – “Zen Awakening”

Leaving the Spine of the Dragon, I travel onward to the eastern shores for the festival of Zen Awakening. With Peter Fae flying in from the Isle of t

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22 Oct

2017-10-22 - "We Are the Ones"

Leaving the World Changers for a small apartment in the valley near Homestead Rd, I prepare for my journey to Zen Awakening. I have a talk with Pe

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27 Sep

2017-9-27 – “Dream House of the World Changers”

Led once again from the edges of the dragonspine mountain, I descend to the town of Crestone. Hungry from camping, I remember of a food bank where I

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22 Aug

2017-8-22 - "The Spear of Destiny"

Sky wide bird tribe, wings stretch Open wide, heart align through space and time know you are divine. Returning to Crestone after the ceremony

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21 Aug

2017-8-21 – “Eclipse Water Blessing”

Round the Circle of Lifegathers here a tribe of lightto honor our waters as our bloodto welcome the moon eclipsing sun Arriving on the day of

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16 Aug

2017-8-16 - “Life Upon the Land”

Granted sanctuary in the sacred land of the off-grid valleyside, I witness the proof the friendly universe and the physics of the Quest. It’s the v

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25 Jul

2017-7-25 – “Convergence of the Change Agents”

Traveling deeper into the realms of the djedi, I encounter the Guardian Alliance and am led to a gathering of change agents where I meet Adam Apollo,

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25 Apr

2017-4-25 – “Guardians of Gaia”

Heading to the Cloud Cafe, I encounter Sharron Rose, a goddess of the realms of art and media, a co-creator of the film "The Last Avatar", a deeply r

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15 Apr

2017-4-15 – “Resurrection”

At the Keep of the Dragon, I meet Ashleigh Renee, priestess of the Djedi Templar, who was invited by Lindsay Semilla to the ceremony. She is closely

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10 Apr

2017-4-10 - “Keep of the Dragon”

Cresting down the dragon spineI found myself in realms alignedwith the avatars of a new avaloncoming back to lands recalled. Returning to

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01 Apr

2017-4-1 – “Eureka”

Stranded, cold and alone...where will I go?This universe, friendly or not?I’ve given all I’ve got, but cannot stop.Trust, faith and surrender...E

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04 Mar

2017-3-4 – “Living Legends”

Invoking to connect with other emissaries, I encounter Anthony and am led to the house of the dragon. After asking for proof of the magical world, I

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18 Jan

2017-1-18 – “Art As a Way of Life”

Returning to Crestone, I follow a vision of anchoring a center of Light, of bringing my codes to the intersection of eco-villages, temples and leylin

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