2018 - "The Heart of Faerie"

31 Dec

2018-12-31 – “Birthing a New Earth”

Following the invitation to a gathering on the New Year, Peter and I travel to the Ahimsa new earth temple after I pass through a powerful portal of

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22 Dec

2018-12-22 - "Temples of the New Earth"

Return of the Love Tribe Ahimsa Sanctuary (Video of Goddess music) Sanctum of Love I

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14 Dec

2018-12-14 - “Isles of New Mu”

At last... the rainbow bridge brings me to the sacred islands of Hawaii, the fulfillment of the prophecy I had to return to the isles of the Moth

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08 Dec

2018-12-8 – “Crossing the Rainbow Bridge”

With the onset of winter and our time at the keep coming to a close, the pressure is on to manifest from a base level. Holding the vision and doing t

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21 Oct

2018-10-21 – “The Temple of Story”

Holding the vision, Peter and I manifest into a full on media production lab in the library of the Emerald City, proving the principals of manifestat

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26 Sep

2018-9-26 – “Destiny of the Fae”

Destiny Fae, an emissary of the emergent consciousness and the divine masculine and feminine, comes to the Emerald City, where we meet to exchange th

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03 Sep

2018-9-3 - “The Golden Thread”

Returning to the Wynden Keep, the teachings of magick flow through the space, rising to the surface as the understanding of the golden thread.

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01 Sep

2018-9-1 – “Lost Valley”

In the heart of Wyndenwood, a call comes to me from the distance. Emerging out of the forest to see the maidens of green, Gabrielle and McKenzie. The

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23 Aug

2018-8-23 – “The Heart of Faerie”

Following the invitation to Faerie Worlds, Peter and I journey with Raven Wynden to Horning’s Hideout. Arriving, we are unexpectedly granted VIP pa

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28 Jul

2018-7-28 – “Earth and Sky”

Peter and I travel to Living Well, a nature spirit sanctuary, proving the Law of Reflection of the Physics of the Quest, that we encounter in synchro

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13 Jul

2018-7-13 – “Entering Cascadia”

Traveling through a portal of the rainbow bridge, Peter and I leave the vortex valley behind, traveling on with the graciousness of Cos and the begru

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31 May

2018-5-31 – “Vortex Valley”

Feeling the strong pull to go deeper into the heart of Faerie, I receive invitation from Peter to join him at Valley Center, near the realms of Bliss

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25 Apr

2018-4-25 – “Gardens of Eden”

After casting a spell of sovereignty and invocation of love, I am led to the coastal shores of Encinitas, following the invitation of priestess of th

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