2019 - "The Dawn of Mu"

22 Apr

2019-4-21 - "Earth Day Resurrection"

A clarity is coming on my journey across the space and time of the Akasha, exploring the real magical world of synchronicity and mapping the emer

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03 Mar

2019-3-3 – “The Satya Temple”

Returned to the Mandala Gardens, I draw upon the sacred energy of the Land to vitalize my magicks, aligning with Gaia. I clean the temple,

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20 Feb

2019-2-20 - “Paia & Promise”

The path returns us to the costal town of Paia, where clarity comes through Peter and I to enter from the witnessing of the Great Story, honoring

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17 Jan

2019-1-17 – “Dawn of Haleakalā”

Led to the peak of Haleakala, Peter and I witness the sun rise over the volcanic crater at what is considered in the local lore to be the heart chakr

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