Timelines are part of the core of the Mythica.  They are the way in which Authors track and tell their Story.  On the timelines, Readers may see where the Characters of the Mythica intersect each other; and track the synchronicities of these moments; showing the Great Story of our shared unfoldment.

Our lives are Stories.  Great myths waiting to be revealed.  In the context of the Mythica; one’s Timeline is the spine of their Story; the outline of their heroic journey from ignorance to the realization of their own myth.  The great Gift that they bring to the Worlds.

As we go on our heroic journey, as we move through the realms of our current reality, we are part of something greater.  Through our timelines, we distill the essence of our adventure, learning to apply the yoga of Story to see our Life Purpose, to see the reflection of our Gifts coming back to us from a friendly Universe.

As we come to see that we are all connected, that we arrive in moments of space and time for a greater reason than we may know, we can come to see the Truth – that there is no separation.  That each and every one of us matters.  That every moment serves a greater Purpose.


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