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Charting your Course

Peter Fae June 6, 2023
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As we journey through life, we are all travelers on the ocean of possibility. We have countless options and paths available to us, with each choice leading us down a different route towards an unknown destination.

Some of us chart our course with intention and precision, carefully plotting our journey and choosing every step along the way. Others drift aimlessly across the waves, allowing the winds of chance to carry them wherever they may go.

While there is no right or wrong way to navigate this vast ocean, it is important to understand what it means to chart one’s course. Having a clear direction can help us focus our attention and energies on achieving our goals.

When we focus on something, we bring it into sharper focus and are more likely to achieve it. This can be applied to anything from personal relationships to career aspirations. By setting specific goals and working towards them consistently, we increase our chances of success.

Charting one’s course is at the core of seeing one’s personal development in terms of the Path and the Land. In it’s essence it is the focusing of one’s navigation towards a particular realm of reality. They are the intended goal, what we are focusing on in our movement across the realms of the underlands.

For example some of the underlands I traveled along my quest involved the aka of betrayal and conflict repeatedly appearing on my path. As I forged my way through the shadows of fellowship along the way, those occurrences gradually changed, becoming more honorable, more full of fellowship. Such was my journey of change along the landscape of my legend and one of the focuses by which I charted my course.

Often we don’t know the landscape of our legend

Charting one’s course as an act of Will is a beautiful thing, yet must be tempered by Witnessing, by investigating the divinations one is having on the path as to where they are intentionally heading on their path.