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Plant Medicines

Peter Fae June 6, 2023
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On our journey to a more heavenly version of our reality there are helpers. Missionaries of the intelligence of the planetary mother whose uncluttered essence brings healing to the distortions and misalignments of the current Age.

It is in the words “plant” and “teachers” that we come to understand the nature of the deva, the elemental intelligence of Gaia which is also the pristine substance of our selves and their karmic architecture, for we are made from the same substance. In this context, the very essence of the plant deva acts as our teacher, guiding us back to the primal impressions of our health and wholeness.

In the cosmology of the Tree of Life, plant teachers are the embodiment of the planet herself, communicating the remembrance of our most awakened selves through their essence. As the carriers of the supreme intelligence of Nature they are the fundamental essence of all medicines and traditions of healing.