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The Seed Within

Peter Fae February 15, 2022

The Seed Within – The Purpose of Your Life

There is a Divine design within you.  A Purpose to your life that wishes to express itself through your current Character in the game of life.  It is your unique seed, the song of your soul expressed through the World Tree of the incarnate plane.
To understand this and it’s context in the Natural world of which we are a part, consider the World Tree.
As You do this, extend your vision, visualizing that within the leaves of this massive Tree are seeds, each one imprinted with a unique and Heavenly purpose.  Yet unlike a normal trees seeds, these are special.  They do not produce the same kind of tree, but something entirely unique.
Now imagine that You are that seed.  That each and every one of us is born from the pattern inherent in that seed, the expression of our Divine droplet within the substance of the Akasha.  That inside the sacred vessel that is your current self there is a great Purpose.  A seed within, waiting to emerge.
This pattern lay at the center of your being, pulsing through the conscious and subconscious patterns that define one’s current conditions.  It is the energetic imprint of your unique seed of the World Tree and the flowers it wishes to share with the World.  It is your Seed Within, the blueprint for the Gift that is your sacred offering. It is the angel at the center of the clay, the Divine spark within your
As our being is made from the primal elements expressed through the Land, our journey across the realms of our experience parallels that of a seed of flora, pushing through the dirt and mud of it’s own blossoming, reaching for the Sun such that it may unfold into it’s own unique lotus of Divine expression.
At the core of reality, all things come from Source consciousness.  God, Goddess, or any number of other phrasings.  Such is the origin point of the great plan, the unfoldment of Divine intelligence which plays out as the circumstance of our lives.
As seeds of the emergent World, our Selves are built with a particular function.  Much like any other aspect of an ecosystem, they serve a Purpose which is larger than itself.  This can be very difficult to see, for it is the very centre of our Self, the impulse that defines and drives our reality.
To help frame this and understand the Big Picture that links us all together, we must change our model of reality, come to understand the layers of manifestation from the causal to the surface.
In the In the context of the Mythica, there is a purpose to our lives, a way of understanding our spiritual DNA as it manifests in the biological.  Just as our individual Selves create from  the setting of an intention which defines the vibration of our actions, so is there a great and Divine intention that has set our Selves, aspects of that very Divinity, to fulfill that much larger initiative.
As this vibration makes it’s way up from the Source of All that Is, it forms into different patterns, codes of Light which are imprinted into the self.
As  these move up through the layers of manifestation, these code of light form into very specific strands of DNA, which in turn contain the sacred Purpose, the mission for which that individual was created in service to God.
Such plays out as our particular talents, skills and Gifts, qualities of consciousness that are part of the very definition of our current Self and it’s Gift, intrinsically tied into our sense of personal fulfillment and bliss.
Set to this intention, this glittering jewel of Divine purpose incarnates into the World, taking on the appropriate shape, gender, and life circumstances for the transmission of this beauty, hidden and waiting emergence within the subtle mansions of the Self.
To reveal this Gift, to blossom the seed within You is the Quest.  To actualize the potential of Divinity within us.  Such is the journey across the underlands of vibration that define the conditions of the World, doing our part to transform our consciousness and thus the World, for the better.