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The World Tree

Peter Fae June 15, 2020
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Mythologies exist for a reason. They are the echoes of remembrance, of the Knowing that sits beyond the limited horizons of our blossoming consciousness.

Across the many spiritualities and religions that dot the landscape of our beautiful planet, there is the Idea of a Great Tree, a World Tree, whose roots and branches connect all of the Creation. Such is a concept deeply tied into the rainbow bridge (road) and our journey to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

It is a tree as big as the World. This is the World Tree, it’s roots and branches the manifest expression of the mind of the Divine. It is the earthly expression of the patterns within the Akasha, and is the framework by which we may understand the nature of all material manifestation and how we may travel from one reality to another.

In it’s simplest expression the World Tree is the material plane. The manifestation of Divine Intelligence in the *incarnate* form. All realities, from scarcity to abundance, from ignorance to enlightenment and ALL conditions of manifestation, exist within her branches. She is the place where all our Stories happen, where her roots and branches define the timelines of our journeys across the many potential realities. She is the Tree of Life herself, the framework by which formless Divinity incarnates itself in the material plane.

Yet while she is the material plane, or the incarnate “World” itself, the World Tree could be more accurately likened to a pattern that supercedes a single incarnation of time and space.

The symbol of the World Tree, with it’s infinite roots and branches, is the reminder that we are all connected by the lines of synchronicity, playing out the dharmas and karmas of her many, many seeds, manifest as the various bodies that form our personalities and purpose.

All realms that potential exist in the *material* plane are part of the World Tree. As we walk along our sacred Path, that path moves along her roots and branches, leading us to various worlds, defined by their vibrational substance and occurring across space and time in the synchronicities of our lives.

This ties directly into the understanding of the *road of becoming*, also known as the rainbow road, in which we move from being one thing on the road of becoming something else. Of being something else.

To see this, we must look at the deepest levels of form, into the very substance of our current embodiment in terms of the five primal elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether). On a structural level, these elements in their various configurations can be mapped to our chakras, forming the *rainbow* of the self. It is by transforming this substance, alchemizing the hues of our own rainbow of being, that we move between states of being, also known as ‘walking the rainbow bridge’.

To perceive the World Tree is difficult, for it requires a certain subtlety of awareness. One capable of perceiving the larger pattern behind the intersection of our various Paths and Purposes along our sacred Path. In this way, Mythica Authors provide an ongoing proof for the Reader, witnessing the various synchronicities that occur on the Path as evidence of the causal nature of the roots and branches of the tree.

The World Tree is the Tree of Life itself.

The World Tree is where we live our Lives

As the expression of the Divine plan in the material plane, the World Tree is where our Stories happen. She is the territory and the terrain where the synchronicities that reveal our collective consciousness happen. Where our timelines and personal journeys intersect each other across the landscapes of legend.

The World Tree is where the formlessness of Heaven experiences the form of the Earth

The Source of Synchronicities

We can see the expression of the World Tree in our synchronicities. In the ways in which our many seemingly separate Stories play out in our circumstance. Such is the expression of this much deeper pattern most easily seen on the surface of perception.

We are always walking upon the World Tree

The conditions that appear in our lives are merely the surface perception of the much deeper causal threads of our interconnectedness. The lines of synchronicity and personal and collective manifestation that happen along the threads of time and space. Yet while things seem a certain way from the shallows of perception, we are always walking the World Tree, for such is the material plane itself.

As come to see this, to see our journey along the roots and branches of the Great Tree, we are better able to understand the nature of the energetics which underlie our circumstance, and thus, better able to navigate towards the reality along the eaves of that underlying pattern, that we wish to experience.