Totemic Affirmations

For the 3rd time in just over a week, Moth totem appears to me. At first in a panel of the graphic novel Promethea, in which a hail of bullets aimed at our heroine transform into fluttering moths just shy of her demise. This image imprints itself in my mind’s eye just before bed and I carry it into the dream time. The next morning, in synchronicity, a huge orange moth, as large as my hand, swoops in from above and flutters across my path just as I approach the entry door to a 7am yoga class. She lands in the bush and stays. I know she has arrived in my honor, to remind me again of her medicine. A few days later, Peter @peterfae and I enjoy an episode of The Dark Crystal. The culmination of which shows a Luna Moth, sacred to the Gelflings, as being a key to an underground passageway, leading a prime character deeper into her mysterious journey to uncover the truth of a sacred symbol shown to her in a vision….

Moth symbolism is in direct alignment with my path at this time. She represents the innocent yet passionate pursuit of spiritual truth. Moth delights in light and and is guided by the light of the heart. She reminds us to continually align ourselves here. Dancing around an inner flame that is, of course, one’s unique personal truth. The heart is where this truth lies. For some months now, I have been actively taking time to align even more deeply with my heart as my guide. Consciously feeling into the innocence I embodied as a child, and revealing the frequency of my personal truth to myself once more. It has been a rebirth, initiated through intentional practice and cultivation.

Earlier today, another gorgeous animal shows himself as an affirmation of the intentions and energetics cultivated in my field. A hawk, the largest I have seen in over 2 decades in Austin, circles over my car as I leave my Hapkido class. Again, I recognize that he has appeared FOR ME. I offer gratitude in the moment. I know well the symbolism of hawk: Honing in. Focused awareness, energy, and intent.. There are no coincidences and the animals themselves know their purpose and timing in alignment with the avatars and their vibrational frequencies.

Earlier today specifically, I recognized and engaged an opportunity to channel waves of sexual energy that continue to pulse through my form even days after lovemaking. Where I would usually just enjoy the light convulsions and ecstatic energy, I decide to sit, drawing the energy up my spine and channeling it through my heart chakra to Peter in the moment, invoking a prayer that it fuel his creative pursuits in the moment. A few hours later, I sit in my car before entering the Do Jang for Hapkido and focus on embodying the fluidity of water as I engage my practice during class. A large hawk’s presence at the culmination of this day further inspires my expansion. His size alone indicates the vastness of what continues to open and become accessible as I maintain these practices in service to the Divine.

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