Transcendence and Embodiment

What is the Self? What is the Purpose of the Self? A Worthy question, for all aspects of our human existence revolve around this Idea.  Throughout human history, the nature of the Self and our relationship to it have inspired countless religions, spiritualities and philosophies, in which we investigate what it means to have a Self, to examine our relationship to the Self, and how that affects our sacred Path.

In the context of the Mythica, let us start with this – You are not the Self.  Your Self is your Character, your current incarnation, the vessel through which you interact with the many other Selves living in the mortal World.  In this capacity, you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  In simplicity, you are far, far more than your current idea of “Self”, You are consciousenss itself, a part of an ever-expansive and unfolding Universe.

Imagine a video game.  Where you are sitting with a controller, playing a Character in a vast and intricate World, going on Quests.  The human adventure is much like that, where we have incarnated into a particular Self, in order to experience the journey of our own awakening consciousness.  Yet many of us do not recognize this Truth, identifying with our current Self as compared to the much larger Truth of our Universal nature.  It is this relationship with the Self that we wish to clarify, to assist in our sacred adventure.

The Relationship with the Self – Transcendence vs. Embodiment

In pre-Ascension spirituality, there was great emphasis placed on the transcendence of the Self.  On leaving the “illusion”, or “maya” of the material World in favor of relationship with our transcendent nature.  Such was designed in order to facilitate the enlightenment of the people, and was absolutely appropriate for the time it was created.

Yet times change.  While focusing on our transcendent nature (that which is beyond the human incarnation and it’s unique individualism and beauty) is a viable approach to enlightenment, it isn’t for everyone.  As we step into a new paradigm, where we seek to embody Heaven on Earth, transcendence of the human plane is not always the best solution.  While it is true that some beings are destined to achieve liberation through the classic modalities of the previous Age, in the current and evolving paradigm there exists the option of embodiment, of bringing the vast awareness and Light of our universal aspect INTO the Self, changing the conditions of our lives, and by extension, that of others.  Such is the context of the Mythica, where we are choosing to become the living embodiment of the Divine beings we are, here in the human plane.

Here is a valuable technique for embodiment in the human plane –

– Stand up.  Put your bare feet on the Earth.
– Bring your awareness into your body.  As best you can, feel the breath going through your form.
– Feel the feeling of Love, as best you can.  Send that Love INTO your body.  The intention here is to establish a loving relationship with your Self, your Character in the Earth plane.
– Repeat, silently or out loud, “I accept my human incarnation.  I love my Self.  My intention is to embody my highest Self into this human form.”

Repeat this nine times, breathing in deeply all the while.  As with all invocations, what matters is the actual feeling rather than the repetitions.  You want to FEEL something, inside.  Repeat less or more as this happens.

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