Tribes of the Mythica

There are far more variations to the human condition than many beings perceive. Many definitions to what is called ‘The Self’ and the sense of resonance that we have with particular patterns within the field. In this article, i’ll speak a bit about the different variants of the human condition and how they occur in the context of the Mythica. As we explore this, I’d like to make a distinction here between the many races of humanity and those of the many others beings which inhabit the Earth plane.

Speaking about the many tribes of the Mythica can be challenging, for it relates to how we define ourselves.  Ultimately, we are awareness, having an experience of various shapes.  Yet we may take on the gravity of such a shape for a period of time, and have a particular experience.

In this way we often define ourselves as ‘fae’ or ‘pleidian’, or ‘sirian’, ‘elvish’, etc. and these are real shapes within the Mythica.  It is simply as with all forms of self-identification, they change.  We are all shapes, at one point or another.  One must find a balance-point in how much they associate with a particular definition.

From my vantage as the Author of the Mythica, there is only One of us here. One Self, one Collective consciousness, experiencing a variety of forms which give rise to an infinity of viewpoints. What we call the individual ‘Self’, or even the distinction between our ‘Self’ and the various other aspects of our environment, is relative to one’s degree of attainment and the transcendence of duality. On a structural level, all things are made of vibration, and that is where we shall begin.

When we understand that all things are made of vibration, and that those vibrations, arranged in different structures, create different forms, we can relate this to the ‘human condition’. Such is the Idea that our prism of the Self, our current Self-concept, is a particular collection of vibrations that, in their distinction, form the many variants of our incarnate experience.

In this context, the definition of a thing is far more about it’s vibrational quality than about what we refer to it as.

In the Journey Home, I have encountered many embodiments of these vibrational patterns, many of whom serve bright function in the transformation of this planet to Heaven on Earth.

Some examples –

The Elves

The Fae

The Mer

The Galactic (Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturans)

Lemurians & Atlanteans