Dear Readers,

Into the Mythica is an on-going publishing project and budding company created to help us awaken to our inherent divinity and connection to each other and nature. Please understand that the Mythica is currently under construction and is functioning as an emergent publishing platform that is also holding space for the form of a new type of social media, that will eventually lay the ground work for a magickal network, a type of mystical facebook. Along with that, Peter Fae and Joshua Faust are building out full fledged multimedia documentaries of their Paths to set the tone and ground in that vision, as well as provide stand alone media in a larger context of synchronicity and kismet that links our stories together. That being said, many of our stories are in development stage, and we are building out different forms and channels to express the Quest of Awakening as we experience it. We are setting the Tone.

Peter and Joshua are currently on the path as missionaries to bring the good word to the people, and are building things out as they go. Please consider this and be patient as we construct things, and Follow the Quest. Consider supporting this project with your attention, sharing and donations, to help humanity Awaken to a deeper truth…That we are all connected, clearing our way back to Heaven on Earth.