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Ways to Nurture the Sisterhood

Ways to Nurture the Sisterhood

♡ Sisterhood is one of the greatest treasures in life! ♡
My mom used to tell me boyfriends come and go so make your girlfriends a priority as they outlast all of them! The older I get the more I see the truth of her wisdom. We thrive on cooperation and upliftment, not competition, so let’s support each other’s fullest blossoming!

~Ways to Nurture the Sisterhood~

1. Reach out and tell your top 3 sisters how much they mean to you

2. Make things right with a sister you may have hard feelings towards

3. Ask a new sister to hang out!

4. Send a long distance sister a care package

5. Deliver your sister flowers

6. Snuggle with a sister

7. Have a home spa day

8. Make a healthy meal together

9. Do a womb healing meditation together

10. Hold a joint moon blood ceremony with a sister who is bleeding at the same time

And celebrate each other’s precious existence!

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Dakota is an Author of the Mythica. She is an accomplished healer with the medium of Water and an avatar of Love. She lives on the island of Kauai. To book a consultation with Dakota, visit her personal site.

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  1. Looks great Dakota! YES!
    Remember everything the members of hte Mythica write appears on here too 🙂


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