We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

In World of the Mythicaby Yeshua Lucis

We are the Guardians of Gaia, the Agents of Change, the Emissaries of a New World.

We’ve all gotten the download. As a collective consciousness we must come back to harmony and alignment with Oneanother and Nature.

The Shift begins within. By taking responsibility for our portion of the distortion and clearing our way to embody the gift we are meant to bring to the planet, we align with our soul’s calling. From there the signs, visions and portents follow, leading us in synchronicity to the revelation of our true purpose at this time.

We are seeds of light planted by the Divine to blossom into a new way of living and being on this precious planet. The Garden of the Awakening grows from our symbiosis.

As we embody the gift of who we truly are, we become the rainbow bridge of that unique medicine to the world. Our very vibration transforms the planet as we enter the consciousness of the new paradigm. By dissolving the old bonds of separation and clearing the distortions from within, we come back to harmony with nature‘s intent.

Look no further for the Heroes of the New World. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for. This defines our collective Quest, our heroic journey to the new paradigm, deeper into the Mythica…

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Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening. Explore his magical universe and go deeper into his Story on his site.

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