We only see our current horizon

We only see the current horizon of our reality, the reflection of our * current * state of being.

When we are in a positive space within, our vantage on the Universe reflects this.  The energy expands.  We see possibility, we see opportunity, we feel that things are moving to help us.  That we live in a benevolent Universe.  When we are in a negative, diminished space, the opposite happens.   The energy constricts, and we literally cannot see, nor feel, the possibilities that may lie just around the corner.  Such is one of the most challenging aspects of the Path, to transcend what things seem to be in the moment and reaffirm the inherent Truth, that we live in a benevolent Universe, that God is Good, and we are supported in our Quest, despite what things appear to be in their transition and transformation.

I am no stranger to this phenomenon.  Many times during the Journey Home when I traveled through the realms of Shadow, I could not see.  Everything was dark and muddled, I knew only rage and frustration, and could not feel or receive the Love that is God’s true emanation.  Worse, I was often surrounded by allies who were experiencing a far more positive state of being, who I could receive little sanctuary from as I did not feel they truly empathized with what I was going through.

Similar, there have been times when I have been in a state of deep expansion, where the trials and tribulations of other aspects and Selves were virtually ungraspable for me, so far removed were they from the current transience of my mood.  Such is a vibrational Truth, requiring the application of compassion for both the Self and others, aiding us in our navigation through the madness and majesty of our changing point-of-view.

Everyone goes through Shadow.  Everyone in the mortal condition experiences transitions.  It is the nature of the thing.  There are beings who are experiencing lives of terrible scarcity and confusion, and others who are living on an ever-expanding journey of abundance and wonder.  When we are in one place, it is nigh-impossible to feel or see the other.  Yet in these times, we must rally to a Truth larger than our changing horizon, that God is Good, that our work is to clear and cleanse the detritus from our point-of-view, that through the intentional application of positivity we move more into alignment with that which truly is.

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