What is Realization?

In spiritual circles, we often hear the terms ‘Realization‘, and ‘Enlightenment‘.  Yet these terms are rarely clearly communicated, for to truly understand them, one must experience them.  Without this true realization, what is often considered spiritual dialogue is mostly conjecture, parroted from various sources without the vibrational embodiment of the actual thing.

As part of my function here on Earth, the Journey Home was designed to illustrate the process of movement from ignorance to Realization, so as to provide a model for the people as to their own authentic understanding of the physics of the quest and their own heroic journey, such that they, in their own timing and relationship with God, could experience their own liberation.

At the time of this writing, I would not claim the absolute Oneness with God that is full enlightenment.  As I speak, I am still opening my Heart, to fully embrace what it means to be mortal at this time, and until I feel that enduring Love in it’s fullness, I will not claim that I am truly One with that highest of all things.

Yet I can, and will, claim Realization.  From this perspective I will say this:


What is Realization? What are we * realizing *? In my case, it was the realization that God is Good.  That Life has a purpose.  That we are all connected, that there is no separation, and that despite what things seem to be on the surface of our awareness, that there is a much larger unfoldment going on, one that seeks to support us in our personal and collective Quest.  Over the course of the journey home, I have had the * realization *, that is, I ‘realized’ that we were made of the very substance of the Land, that there were patterns that defined our circumstance from body to body, lifetime to lifetime, and that we were processing vast patterns within the framework of our Self, many of which we were unaware of, yet which determined the shape and timbre of our point-of-view at the root.

For me, realization is tied to direct perception, the very visceral and non-theoretical gnosis of how things are.  It is not conjecture, but rather the deep Knowing that comes from integration into the Self and it’s transcendence, the range of awareness that allows one deeper vantage on God’s Creation.  It is when we clear the detritus from the lens of our perspective, and ‘realize’ that things have been perfect all the while, it was only our perspective, and the results of that perspective, that were awry.

In the simplest of terms, to realize is to become aware of that which was always True, to come out of distortion and delusion, and recognize the inherent Nature of the Divine.

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