What type of Goddess or God are You?

In pre-Ascendent mythology, there are many Gods and Goddesses.  Many different archetypes of elemental forces phrased in the idiom of particular cultures and their institutions.  And while the outer perception of these qualities of vibration are framed in a variety of costumes, their essence remains the same.  A Goddess of Love is the embodiment of the vibration of Love, whether we call her Astarte, Aphrodite, or whatever.  A God of Lightning is the embodiment of the vibration of Lightning, whether called Zeus, Thor, or other derivatives.  As with so many aspects of the Incarnate plane, how things look on the surface of perception is the shallows of the much deeper vibrational Truth, the structure beneath the scripture.

As we Awaken into the next octave of the human condition, there is a general sense of witnessing ourselves in deeper recognition of our Nature.  In many cases, this means recognizing that we are more than what we appear to be from the unrealized state.  Seen at depth, we are the very Goddesses and Gods themselves, each embodying particular qualities of vibration which serve the Great Story of humanities unfoldment.

This can be difficult if not impossible to see when our awareness is still asleep and in an unrealized state.  Yet it is tied into the very core of our Self-definition, the heroic journey to discover our place and purpose in the World.  In the context of the Mythica, the Aspect of Divinity that we currently embody can be seen in the structure of our Self, the particular vibrational qualities that make up our current incarnate form.

When we deepen our awareness below the surface of things and come to see the vibrational qualities within our own structure of Self, we see that these are the same qualities epitomized in the various Gods and Goddesses of pre-Ascendent lore.  Seen at the deep octaves of awareness, the parallel is obvious.  We are the Gods.  We are the Goddesses.  Incarnate into the current octave of our awareness.

Before we delve a bit further, there is something important to understand.  It is a yogic and deep Truth that there is no separation, and that our Selves, whatever their embodiment, are impermanent.  At our core, we are infinite beings, having a human experience.  While we may embody one quality or another at any given moment, these things can change, and do.  Whether over the course of single lifetime or more, we merely play the part we are destined in any given moment.

From such a place, we ask ourselves, what are the qualities of vibration that make up my current Self? What Aspect of the Divine do I embody? Is it Water? Is it Fire? Is it Earth or Air? Is it Love? It is Dance? Is it Poetry or Song?

Perhaps it is War that You embody.  Perhaps it is Greed.  Perhaps it is Sorrow and Bitter and Sweet.  In the structure below the surface these are all qualities of vibration, the very building blocks that make up our Incarnate Selves.  We are the vessels, after all, for the embodiment of the many facets of the jewel of Divinity.  Such becomes the very nature of our Stories, which, in turn as the Ages of humanity shift and change, become the mythologies of another Time.

As You read these words, you are invited to ask Yourself, what qualities are your Gift to the World? What aspects of the jewel of Divinity pass through your form? How does your very presence contribute to the Stories of others? Do you offer them Food? Do you offer Sanctuary? Do You offer the challenges of Fire or the Patience of Earth? Are You strong in your body? Skilled in Divination? Are You a Healer, a Lover, or a Fool? While in the fullness of time and space, all Aspects exist within all beings, what are You embodying, today?

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