Witnessing versus Manifestation

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There are many ways in which we can experience this reality.  Many techniques that we can use to shift the conditions of our lives.  For many, the focus in on the art of manifestation, the sculpting of one’s vibration to achieve an effect.  What I interpret as ‘Manifestor’ consciousness from the Life Visioning principles, also known as the ‘Law of Attraction’ and other willful agendas.  As many beings become adept in this, they gradually come to the realization that what lay outside their willful intent is often larger and more expansive than they could know, changing their approach to reflect a surrender to the unfolding Mystery.  It is a movement from intentional manifestation to the witnessing of God’s greater plan.  As such, there are entire philosophies of relation with the Creation which suggest the abandonment of desire itself, to simply observe what unfolds rather than attempting to create it, achieving a different kind of Realization.

For me, the Journey Home has been a combination of the two.  I did not start in Manifestation, but rather in Witnessing, observing what happened on the Quest through my sacred photography and the documentation of the timeline.  And though this was a sanctified act, it frustrated me deeply for many years, for it seemed as though I was inept in manifesting my desires.

It wasn’t that I did not wish to manifest, but rather that my consciousness simply could not hold onto the concepts.  I was, in a very real way of enforced limitation, demanded to witness, for such was the only thing that worked.  For many years this angered me, struggling with the inconstancy of my own mind’s ability to focus.  And yet, as Time unfolded, I came to see the perfection of the thing, how God’s Will was working through me, to create something much larger than my limited horizon.

As I came to see, had I been able to manifest the desires of my smaller, individual will, I would not have come to the realization of the Atlas of Story.  I would not have Seen the deeper, witnessed movement of energies that reveal our underlying Unity and the dissolution of the illusion of separation.  The map of synchronicity that links us all would not have been seen, and the great Gift of this Revelation to the People would have gone undelivered.

This is not to say that manifestation is not a part of my Path, for understanding the nature of our created reality is fundamental to the Journey Home.  Rather, it is the understanding, gained through the limitation enforced by the Divine, that there is something much larger, much greater that lay beneath our assertions, that through witnessing, rather than manifesting, I have come to see the glory of the Mythica revealed.

As You, beloved Readers of the Mythica, I ask you to consider this deeply.  So often we work so diligently to ‘reframe’ our reality, adjusting our energies in effort to manifest a new circumstance.  Yet while this is a majestic act of personal transformation, there is simultaneously great value in cultivating discernment for What Is, in the moment.  As we come to recognize and balance these qualities of relationship with the Creation, a far deeper and more sublime Truth emerges.  We come to see the physics of the quest, we learn to see the interconnectedness of all things, we experience the Realization of God’s perfect unfoldment.

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