Work with Me - Discover your part in the Great Story

I help people come to clarity and step into their mythical self.

Through understanding our purpose in the collective unfoldment, we align with our greatest possibility. Discover the story you are already living. I help people see the purpose of their life and step into the embodiment of their mythical self through the teaching of Akasha Yoga - the yoga of story.

Learn the Yoga of Story

To reach a more heavenly version of our experience we must learn to see our lives in a new context.  To witness and respond to the unique challenges which arrive on our story. 

There is a Treasure within you.  A version of your self which is clear and aligned with it’s divine purpose.  That feels it’s connection to the world and the wonders it contains.

To reach this potential we go on a quest.  A conscious movement to divine, discern and discover the patterns which are creating our reality.  We come to recognize the nature and the physics of the Quest which support us in our journey …

As individuals on our personal quest, we are always in an act of divination.  Of interpreting and feeling our way through life.  As we do this, we engage in relationship with the Universe, receiving signs and portents which inform us as to our sacred path.


Private Session in Akasha Yoga

In this private session of the Yoga of Story, we will explore the depths of somatic clarity, coming to understand the essence of the most precious of gifts – our clear seeing of ourselves and the world.  I will assist you in understanding the principles and expression of Akasha Yoga in your life, illuminating the way to anchor for unique expression into the world.  We will go into the nature of how to work with the ethers, the substance of consciousness, and how the ethers create the manifestation of your current reality.

A large part of the work of the yoga of story is coming to SEE the nature of your personal myth, recognizing the Character you play in the Great Story and it’s sacred Gift to the World.  As such, working with me involves understanding the elements of Story as they play out in your life, including documenting your own adventure as I have to help you see the reality in which you live and how to change it for the brighter.

To do so requires commitment.  Understanding the nature of one’s self and their manifestation is not a small thing.  In fact, it’s The Thing itself.  THE journey of self-realization, the shedding of the ego, the confrontation of shadows and the revelation of the Treasure that lay beneath them.

Before You Book a Session

There are people for whom this work is appropriate, and those that it’s not.  Akasha Yoga is more than a set of postures and repetitions.  She is a meditative yoga of direct perception, an integrated understanding of the nature of divination upon one’s path and the causal roots of our interconnections.  This will be a dive into the nature of consciousness itself as it plays out in your unique story, helping to transform the shape of your reality.  Such an act requires a genuine commitment to step beyond the horizons of what you have known, to be open to receive the wisdom of the Akasha in your life.



Invite me to your studio or event where I shall give a presentation on the yoga of story, using examples from my documentation of the Quest for the past twenty years.  I will illuminate the principles of the yoga of story and how they apply to your life.   There will be a guided meditation and a collective attunement.  This will be a talk which approaches the human experience from the Oneness.  Questions will be answered on the nature of the Akasha.

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