Welcome to the World of Real Magick.

To whom it may discern – This is the hub-point for the World of the Mythica which reveals the Atlas of Story through her characters, a real Quest into the authentic World of Magick as it exists in this Age.  Under construction, as the main Author, Peter Fae, is * on Quest *.  Please check out ‘Journey’ , ‘Comic’ , ‘Atlas’, ‘Physics’, and the rest to get a better sense of what’s coming.  Enjoy 🙂 

There are many aspects to the real World of Magick. A  place of temples, of mystical practices, havens for the faerie folk, magickal items and the like.

It is there.  It is all there.  Yet to encounter such things we must change our vibration.  Shift between the realms. Do the inner work that is our journey to Heaven on Earth.

Core Principles of the Mythica

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Maps of the Magickal World


Temples, Guilds & Sacred Places

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The Mythica Market (Coming Soon)

Featuring the World of the Mythica. A rough draft, the intention of this page to go deep into the magical World with links to various articles and sliders which relate to the content. Feeling good about this. Getting it dialed. Everything happens in God’s Timing.

To be continued. Under construction 🙂